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Hospitality shift workers will work 43% more hours this weekend

  • World Cup and Black Friday combination expected to drive record footfall
  • Shift Worker Sunday has been launched to recognise the contribution of hospitality workers

Hospitality industry workers will collectively work 43% more hours this weekend compared to usual, according to analysis from leading shift work platform, Deputy.

With Black Friday coinciding with Wales and England World Cup fixtures, hospitality workers are set to potentially deliver a record performance in what will be a much needed boost for the sector.



Iconic Canadian QSR brand Tim Hortons® has announced the opening of its 50th drive-thru restaurant in Watford on 28th November, a milestone that will see the brand doubling its drive-thru estate in the UK in one year, with four further drive-thru openings to come before the end of 2022. 


This winter, Edinburgh’s acclaimed food and drink scene is readying itself for the much-anticipated launch of the iconic Duck & Waffle restaurant.

Marking the brand’s first UK venture outside of London, where its sky-high location, delicious food, cocktails and buzzy atmosphere has built up an enviable following over the years, Duck & Waffle will bring its inimitable ‘gastro diner’ experience to Scotland’s discerning palates.   

Using a Van for Small Jobs, Here and There? Four Rules & Regulations Drivers Must Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel

There are some jobs in life that our cars simply can’t cover. Whether it’s moving a larger quantity of materials than usual for a job, or finally getting rid of stock or the rubbish in your backroom you’ve had for ages, it just makes it so much easier. As such, you might be tempted to step into a van for a one-off job.

But did you know that there are rules to driving vans that, if disobeyed, could see you fined upwards of £2,500 in addition to points on your licence?

Supply Chain Issues & Staff Shortages: Six Handling Equipment Essentials to Maximise Efficiency Within Your Business

Supply chain issues have affected businesses in every industry, both across the UK and globally. Some experts predict the continuation of backlogs and shortages for up to at least another year as the impact of volatile global markets continues to have an effect.  Most recently, industrial action at the UK’s largest container port in Felixstowe threatens further delays in the movement of goods.

Adding more pressure to this are the labour shortages that have hit businesses across the public and private sectors, with 75% of companies struggling to hire staff according to recent research by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). The hospitality industry has been particularly badly hit, with a recent joint survey by UK trade bodies finding that 45% of operators have had to cut capacity and trading hours due to staff shortages, costing them £21 billion in lost revenue.

Stop the Snooze: Four Benefits of Morning Exercise and How to Establish a Healthy Routine

There is no denying that exercising works wonders for our wellbeing. Going for a jog, lifting a couple of weights or enjoying a yoga class are all activities that can actively help keep our fitness levels and brain health in check. Not only that, but regular exercise can also spur you to consume better food options and make healthier choices, such as cutting down on fried foods and eating less red meat. In short, it has an array of precious advantages.

This said, exercise sessions can be easy to skip or postpone. From busy work schedules to other impeding daily commitments, you may often find it difficult to carve out some time for a dose of much-needed physical activity. This is why you should consider embracing morning workouts more frequently.

Tired at the Wheel: Exposing the Most Common Driving Fatigue Myths & How to Minimise Your Risks

It is common knowledge that drunk, drugged, or distracted drivers pose a danger to themselves and others on the road. But tired motorists, who tend to be overlooked when thinking about unsafe driving, are just as perilous. Indeed, collisions caused by drowsy drivers are 50% more likely to result in death or serious injuries. This is because, if dozing, the person at the wheel doesn’t have the chance to slam the brake or try to avoid the impact.

Statistics show that fatigue is a major cause of road incidents all over the country. 10 to 20% of all car crashes in the UK, for instance, are said to be caused by driver fatigue. What’s more, in Scotland only, drowsy driving is responsible for about 50 fatal or severe collisions every year.


Camden Town Brewery has launched a brand-new Imperial Pilsner, an 8.5% ABV beer in a 500ml bottle that’s perfect for sharing with pals at any celebration.

A limited-edition creation that puts the ‘fancy’ into ‘fancy a beer, mate?’, Camden’s new Imperial Pilsner is the younger, unaged version of the barrel-aged Imperial Pilsners launched by the brewery over the last few years. This is the first-time fans will be able to try the ‘younger’ version of the brew, usually aged for 6-9 months, because it simply tasted TOO GOOD to keep to themselves. 


EG Group, master franchisee of iconic US bakery Cinnabon in the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce the launch of its delivery service across the UK.

Following considerable demand from ‘Cinnafans’, the newly launched service covers mainland UK and allows customers to receive their goods within 48 hours for all orders placed before 9pm GMT. Customers can securely order ‘Cinnapacks’ of two, four or six of their favourite flavours including the Classic, Chocobon, Caramel Pecanbon and limited edition Lotus Biscoff Bon with further items to be added in due course. In the coming weeks, customers will be able to purchase vouchers for friends and family redeemable both online and at Cinnabon locations across the UK.

The Top Luxury Hen-Do Destinations of Your Dreams

A hen-do doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go wild. Waking up with a hangover and no recollection of your memories isn’t everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to sending off your life as a single woman.

Some ladies like to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of another in style. If you’re in favour of a classy hen-do, these ideas will help you pick your destination and the vibe of your party. Let’s get planning!

Tea-rrific or Tea-dious? What Does Your Favourite Mug Say About You

Britain has got itself quite the rep for being a nation of tea drinkers… and that rep isn’t entirely unfounded. Our little island loves tea so much that it’s predicted we drink a total of 100 million cups daily – that’s enough to fill around nine Olympic swimming pools!

We’re also a nation of coffee drinkers too. Between these two hot beverages (we haven’t even touched upon the others), it’s no surprise why many of us hold our favourite mug close to our hearts. We rely on it for a lot, after all.

But what does your favourite mug say about you? Let’s explore here…

Max Macauley, of The Locale, Glasgow, CROWNED UK PATRÓN PERFECTIONISTS WINNER 2022

Max Macauley, from The Locale in Glasgow, was crowned the UK’s PATRÓN Perfectionists Winner at the national finals that took place last night (Wednesday 16th November) at Seed Library, One Hundred Shoreditch, London. 

Max Macauley and his creation The Forgotten Fruit outscored their fellow finalists across three challenges judged by a panel of esteemed judges: Simon Difford of Difford’s Guide, reigning UK winner Kat Stanley-White, last year’s Global Perfectionists winner Harrison Kenney and Giulia Cuccurullo, Head Bartender at Artesian and Global Perfectionists winner.  


-The hospitality technology specialist sets itself up to scale-

With an exciting year of continued growth and innovation planned for 2023, Lolly, the hospitality technology specialist, has made a series of high-profile appointments. Matthew Cox joins as sales director, Angela Durnin as finance director and Paul Markey as business development manager.

No Fuss No Mess: 3 Ingredient Recipes You Need to Try

Cooking is a fantastic way to bond with your children as well as develop their knowledge and skills beyond the kitchen. Not only can they gain vital insight into nutrition and food safety, but they can also progress with their science, maths, literacy, and fine motor skills.

Sometimes it can get quite chaotic in the kitchen! If the dish you’re cooking is complex, you must work with multiple ingredients, manage several pots and pans, as well as keep an eye on your children to ensure that they’re doing everything correctly and safely.

Ten Elegant and Chic Christmas Decorating Ideas

The festive season is on the horizon, why not make this Christmas extra special this year by bringing a little extra yuletide joy to your home.

Interior Designer, Benji Lewis offers effortlessly elegant but chic ideas to bring that wonderful warm, festive atmosphere to your interiors. Whether you’re planning a traditional festive look or a contemporary one, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and help you expand your decorating horizons.

What do we want from a night out (at 40)?

Twenty-something’s two-step aside, there’s a new group on the town.

For many, the cosy embrace of adulthood spells the end of a hedonistic youth. Boozy late nights make way for early mornings, career responsibilities and mortgage repayments. But now, a new (old!) generation are dusting down their dancing shoes for a second adolescence on the tiles.

World-class culinary training venue École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio to open next month

The Nai Lert Group has introduced École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio to Thailand, bringing world-class culinary and pastry arts classes to all who love cooking. The new venue, which opens on 14th December, combines a training centre for enthusiasts and professionals alike, an exclusive event space as well as a café open to the public, and is set to be the hot-spot for world gastronomy in the Thai capital.

Recorra And KeyKeg Strengthen the South East England Circular Economy

Paper Round Changes its Name to Recorra and Commits to Help Hospitality Be More Sustainable by Collecting Empty KeyKegs

Recorra has been redefining waste management for almost 35-years. Launched by Friends of the Earth as a paper-recycling initiative in 1988, Paper Round has been renamed Recorra to reflect the fact it now collects over 35 types of post-use material across the South East that can be reprocessed and given a useful second life.

Japanese Wagyu Special Menu Takeover

Nobu and other top London restaurants run Wagyu specials throughout November and December

Since lifting the ban on Japanese Wagyu exports to Europe, it has spread throughout in the UK, gaining popularity and garnering high praise from chefs and gourmets alike. This year, the Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) is running a new promotional campaign with the aim of increasing Japanese Wagyu awareness and consumption.

This November and December, several prominent restaurants will offer a special menu featuring Japanese Wagyu beef, giving Brits a chance to experience a sensation beyond beef. Special menus will be running at top London restaurants including Nobu, Sachi at Pantechnicon and The Fuji Grill at Beaverbrook Town House.

Nobu London Head Chef, Kyle Marston said “I have been working with Japanese Wagyu for many years and am continuously amazed by the quality, beautiful marbling, texture and flavour”. His special menu running throughout November and December features Japanese Wagyu Three Ways, Japanese Wagyu Tataki, and Japanese Wagyu Nigiri.

Japanese wagyu beef is prized for its marbled texture, tender quality and rich umami flavour – features that appeal to all five senses.

Japanese Wagyu is considered as the ”Ultimate Japanese Delicacy” by chefs.


Digital eBook for the myriad charms of Japanese Wagyu

Japanese Wagyu (UK)/JFOODO Official Instagram Account

How to Plan a Road Trip with Your Kids

When preparing a driving trip with kids, all parents share the same goal – arrive there and back smoothly. It’s even more important, if parents are planning trips over a weekend and must ensure a safe return for their children to return to school on Monday.

Keeping a child settled for drives can feel like a mountain to overcome, but a few key things may contribute to their enjoyment of the trip. So, what should parents look for before strapping their kids in to hit the road?

In this article, we’ll put together a guide on preparing yourself and your children for a trip to avoid problems that will be harder to fix once you’re behind the wheel.

Build Your Own Garden Office

With the rise in people having the option to work from home, you may want a workspace that feels new and separate from the rest of your home. Garden offices could be the perfect solution as it offers you the flexibility of a specified workspace without having to leave your home. You could even add indoor heaters to add a further level of comfort to it.

But for the green-conscious among us, how can we inject some sustainability into our garden office? In this article, we’ll look at how recycling pallets into furniture can equip your space going forward.

Make Design Dreams a Reality with the New Dekton® Onirika Collection

  • Onirika is an immersive collection designed by award-winning international interior designer Nina Magon, which combines the unique beauty of stone with Dekton®’s unmatched performance
  • The collection is lavish and captivating, bringing a strong feeling of luxury and peace to any space
  • Carbon neutral Dekton® is suitable for surfacing requirements within residential and commercial projects – from facades, floors and ceilings, to furniture and worktops – offering limitless interior and exterior design options


Workers, who also make Clubs, Jaffa Cakes and Twiglets, will take industrial action every single day until dispute resolved, says GMB Union 

More than 750 workers at the Jacobs Cream Crackers factory are to stage a permanent strike in anger at a real terms pay cut.