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New summer spice blends from Lähde

Restaurant chefs and operators can spice up summer menus with five new seasonings from Lähde. On the menu are Sriracha, Smoky piri piri, Taco blend, Bajan BBQ and Hot Wings herb and spice blends, all ideal for street food-style dishes, informal dining and summer feasting.

Hospitality heroes to save our high street

Hospitality entrepreneur believes the high street isn’t dying, instead it is in state of transition, and pictures a new high street reinvigorated by hospitality and cultural experiences.

Top alfresco cocktail spots in London

Aqua Oxford Circus –

Rudi Carraro says: Situated in the hub of Soho by Oxford Circus, Aqua Spirit is the rooftop bar in London to be at. There are two large rooftop terraces hidden away with great views of the buzzing streets below. The bar works on a first come, first served basis during the spring and summer, so it’s best to get there early and get your Monte & Tonic order in quick!

Where Has the Best Cuisine in the UK?

Although the rest of the world may think the British have a terrible cuisine, many of the areas of the UK are famed for having amazing eateries within them.

Flagship Water Recycling Technology Delivers Cash Savings  

A next-generation water recycling system, unveiled by water infrastructure systems specialist SDS, is promising to boost efforts to save water by offering significantly improved investment returns for developers and operators of hotels and leisure facilities.


The luxury dining service welcomes its first Michelin-starred restaurant, Muse by Tom Aikens, to its impressive roster of at-home restaurant boxes.

Half of people would travel further and pay more for a less polluted holiday

Last week, Milan became the first nation to ban smoking within 30ft distance of other people at bus and tram stops, as well as in parks and green spaces, sporting venues, children’s play areas and even cemeteries.

From Crop to Cup: Where Does My Fairtrade Coffee Come From?

Coffee is one of the oldest and most loved commodities across the globe, so much so that two billion cups are drank every single day. So much for a nation of coffee drinkers — it seems we’ve put the jar of teabags to the side for now.

Has Lockdown Made the UK Fall Back in Love with Tradition?

Lockdown has forced people to hit the reset button in more ways than one. Everything from family meals, holidays, trips to the high street, and outings to the cinema have been impacted by the pandemic.

Reasons to keep faith in the UK hotels sector – Co-founder of new group AGO Hotels looks to the future

Despite the extreme pressure in the market currently, the co-founder of new hotels group AGO Hotels is optimistic about a bounce-back in the UK.

Improving Floor Safety During Winter

Wet and dirty floors can be a common occurrence during autumn and winter when bad weather means building occupiers and visitors bring more water and soiling inside on their shoes.

Dowsing & Reynolds –  Home Décor Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Chances are, you spent more time in your home in 2020 than in any other year. The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns saw us quarantined in our houses at the weekend, only able to leave the house once a day.

Celebrity Blue Zoning — How Have These Locations Changes These Celebrities’ Lives?

Imagine living in one of the few areas of the world in which the community is famed for its health and longevity. There are five such places known around the globe, and we refer to them as “blue zones”. In blue zones, people live long and healthy lives.