Motatos partners with Mob to help tackle food waste with Shoreditch pop up 

The pop up helped raise awareness of food waste and food poverty in the UK

To coincide with International Awareness Day of Food Loss and Waste, Swedish-born grocery retailer Motatos partnered with popular food media platform Mob to launch the Bring Your Own Food pop up. 

The pop up took place in BOXPARK, Shoreditch on 29th September and was open to the general public, serving delicious freshly made meals cooked by Mob using Motatos products. The public were encouraged to bring a store cupboard item in exchange for a free meal to fight food waste. All food was donated to the Hackney Foodbank, part of The Trussell Trust network. Motatos is matching every donation made.

École Ducasse and Globeducate join forces to create vocations in the field of gastronomy from an early age

École Ducasse has joined forces with Globeducate, one of the world´s leading K-12 education groups with 55+ premium bilingual and international schools in 10 countries, educating 31,000 students. The partnership aims to introduce young people to the world of culinary arts and pastry arts, by experiencing the profession and potentially giving rise to aspirations for the future. The partners are approaching their collaboration with the goal of creating opportunities between the different institutions of their respective networks.

The biggest threats to restaurants in the UK today

The hospitality industry has had a rocky few years. It’s endeavoured through Brexit, a world-stopping pandemic and now a cost of living and teetering financial crisis. The restaurant and drinks business has certainly become more challenging but this shouldn’t get in the way of passionate business owners wanting to provide a memorable experience to paying customers. Ventures in all industries are facing unprecedented challenges in the current social and economic climate, but what are the biggest threats to restaurants in today’s market?

Premier Foods joins forces with Love British Food

One of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, Premier Foods Foodservice is partnering with Love British Food to celebrate the nation’s best loved brands as part of British Food Fortnight, which takes place next month.

Tia Maria Espresso Martini

Using Tia Maria Cold Brew (1L) – £20

The ultimate, original Espresso Martini 

The New Adventure Travel Trend for Busy Bees

A new travel trend is making outdoor experiences more accessible than ever before. Mircoadventures are like an espresso shot of adventure. Close to home, book any weekend for a much-needed dose of vacation in nature without the anxiety of missing out on work or breaking the bank.

Microadventures are like an oasis in the desert for the busy bees of today who are in need of a restart, and here is how you can hop on one too.

Where Are the Best Value Staycation Spots in the UK?

It’s well known that the number of people choosing to take staycations in the UK has skyrocketed. Travel restrictions meant no trips abroad, and with that came more appreciation for the sights and attractions that are on offer in good old Blighty.

What Are The Fashion Trends For People Going Out In Autumn?

Infused with the youthful zest of Y2K nostalgia, body positivity at its best, and sex appeal mixed with gender fluidity, autumn is set to see a continuation of the spring/summer fashion themes in cosy new ways.

Here are the top six trends that will help us relive the joy of fashion in our wardrobes.


-Lolly’s first robot launches to support busy waiting on staff-

Lolly, the hospitality technology specialist, is excited to announce the launch of its first LollyBot – Fergus, into its digital product portfolio.

Top hospitality partnership takes customer experience to new levels

Restaurant owners now have access to frictionless client engagement thanks to an exclusive partnership between a leading provider of restaurant epos and the most advanced digital guest experience platform.

NFS Technology, provider of Aloha restaurant management software, have announced the selection of Paytronix Systems Inc as their UK and Ireland partner in a move predicted to be hugely popular in the industry.

HRC announces Monica Galetti as Chef Ambassador for 2023

Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC), the business event for hospitality and foodservice professionals, has announced that Monica Galetti will be the show’s Chef Ambassador for 2023. 

Monica Galetti is one of the best-known female chefs in London. Born in Samoa and raised in New Zealand, she developed an early interest in food and trained as a chef in New Zealand. In 2000 she came to London to work for Michel Roux Jr at Le Gavroche. Her talent was soon recognised, and she became the first female sous chef at Le Gavroche and then Michel Roux Jr’s Head Chef at Le Gavroche Tropiques in Mauritius in 2005. 

Backcountry Ski Holiday Fun Starts with Avalanche Education

As an avid skier or snowboarder, you know how tempting the off-piste sections can be. Free from crowds and bestowed with fresh powder and breathtaking views, they are like heaven for those who dare to tackle them.

While skiing off-piste is extremely fun and adrenalin-inducing, it can also be dangerous. One of the biggest threats is an avalanche. The good news is that avalanches can be predicted as long as you have the right knowledge about them.

SUTUS 2022: First space hotel and Cousteau’s International Ocean Station to be explored at the world’s largest space and underwater tourism summit

The first space hotel planned for 2027 and the International Ocean Station which aims to be operational by 2026 are among the projects being presented at SUTUS 2022, the world’s largest space and underwater tourism event.

From 28-30 September, SUTUS – the Space & Underwater Tourism Universal Summit – will bring together prestigious institutions and international stakeholders for the third edition of this pioneering conference at Les Roches Marbella.

Is Fear Running in your Workplace? How to Move Past Fear Culture & Build a Brave, New World of Work

Fear is a primal emotion that has characterised human nature from the very dawn of evolution. It is a basic yet crucial emotion that is important to survival, triggering a response designed to keep us safe from threats and dangers. In this respect, it is fair to say that it is a valuable sentiment to experience from time to time, as it guarantees we are as secure as can be in specific circumstances.

The Cyclical Relationship Between Nutrition & Sleep: Can a Healthier Diet Make for a Better Night’s Sleep?

Sleep and nutrition are incredibly important to overall health and wellbeing. They’re also very closely related. A lack of sleep can lead to overeating and increase your desire for unhealthy foods. In turn, unhealthy foods can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep – especially when eaten right before bedtime.


Malaysia’s iconic The Datai Langkawi consolidates its position as a leading culinary destination for the region by hosting an array of events to kick off the annual Kita Food Festival.

True to the driving objective of the festival, of bringing together the best chefs and culinary thinkers from South and Southeast Asia, three diverse chefs with varied cultural upbringings will come together at the resort from 23 – 25 September to launch Kita 2022, which will subsequently touch down in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Well-Being Paradise: The Healthiest Places to Live in the UK

One of the biggest aspirations in life is to settle in a place where you truly feel happy. This means finding somewhere that mentally and physically fulfils you, and many external factors can contribute to this. Clean and fresh air, for instance, can relieve stress and boost your respiratory system. Likewise, walking in thriving green spaces can keep your spirits up and help regulate your emotions in a healthy manner.  

YOOBIC Announces First Acquisition; Doubles Down on Hospitality and QSR

Digital workplace leader closes deal to acquire French digital hospitality innovator Heystan

YOOBIC, the all-in-one digital workplace for frontline teams, today announced its purchase of Heystan, a digital training and knowledge management platform serving the catering and hospitality industries. Marking YOOBIC’s first ever acquisition, the deal further bolsters the company’s presence in the vibrant food and dining space and underscores its strong momentum and continuing global growth across the hospitality and retail sectors.


  • From 4 gins to 22 premium, handcrafted spirits in four years
  • New product launches 2022 – Ludlow Earl Grey Gin No.8 & Ludlow Whisky plus Fruit Gins for Christmas 2022
  • Expansion – opening in 2023, a new, enlarged distillery and visitor centre in Ludlow

Are You Making One of These Mistakes When Driving with Your Child?

When preparing for a longer trip with your little ones, every parent has one goal – get there smoothly in one piece. During summer months, this becomes even more of an issue for many, with families planning around 18.82 million individual holiday trips all over the country, according to RAC.

Ski Resorts Beyond the Snow: How to Have Fun Off-Season

We know you can’t wait to ski on the world’s best snow-covered slopes. But you also don’t need to wish your time away, because most resorts offer lots of fun activities in the summer too.

If you think ski resorts turn into ghost towns at the end of the season, think twice. From mountain biking to paragliding, here is what they look like in the summer and how to make the most of it.

The Rise of the NoLo: Why this Trend is Changing

Customer demands change all the time with new market trends, and NoLo is no different. As people start looking for no- and low-alcohol alternatives to their traditional drinks, it is important to understand this gap in the market.

Here, with the help of Peter Campbell of Snowshock, a UK based slush syrup business, we will explore how and why this trend is changing, the impact this has on the market, and how other brands are adapting to get the most out of NoLo.

Take your restaurant profits to the next level with technology

There is no doubt that restaurant booking technology can save your restaurant big money, but software systems have to deliver and they must integrate all of your activity, explains Jaipal Yadav, MD at restaurant software business Favouritetable.

We live in a digital world and for the hospitality sector this means your guests expect a seamless and continually-improved experience from every visit they make to your restaurant, and every interaction they have with you online.