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We ask Mara Rypacek Miller, Managing Director, Industville Ltd,, How can lighting create the right atmosphere at a hospitality venue?

Lighting plays an essential role in creating the desired atmosphere at a hospitality venue. With skilful craftsmanship and innovative creativity, lighting can transform any interior space into a setting that is inviting, comfortable, and enjoyable. By utilising high-quality fixtures, fabrics, textures, and colours strategically placed throughout the room, lighting can create an ambiance that will captivate guests from the moment they step inside.

7 reasons why professional two-way radio communications are essential for driving efficient hospitality industry operations

Effective communication is crucial in the management of any venue or event, and this is particularly relevant in the hospitality industry. As diverse as the industry is – hospitality in fact ranges from restaurants and nightclubs to hotels and cinemas – there are standards that can be put in place to ensure the smooth running of all operations. Two-way radios have emerged as an undetectable tool for seamless communication, providing numerous benefits to the hospitality industry.

Dometic and CAKE partner on first food delivery contract in Italy

Swedish innovators, Dometic and CAKE, announce their first joint contract with Pizza Smile, a groundbreaking pizzeria in Italy. Designed to significantly elevate the customer experience and quality of food, Dometic’s DeliBox will be paired with CAKE’s e-bike for premium home delivery service. As the first restaurant to deploy this dynamic combo, Pizza Smile sees ample business opportunities with this new leasing contract.

Zentia launches new acoustic calculator

Leading UK ceilings manufacturer Zentia launches a three-step online acoustic calculator.

An online acoustic calculator that helps architects and other specifiers check ceiling product performance against acoustic standards in just three simple steps has been launched by the UK’s leading ceilings manufacturer Zentia.

While the focus of the new acoustic calculator is education, due to its particularly stringent acoustic requirements, future developments of the calculator will expand on this strong baseline.

Using Video Analytics to Increase Profitability

By Gareth Bakewell, Business Development UK, DTiQ

There is no doubt times are tough for QSR businesses right now.  Costs have increased and this is likely to become the new normal, while consumers are spending less due to concerns over the cost-of-living crisis.  Technology now offers some solutions for operators trying to reduce cost bases, protect eroding margins and maximise profitability. 

Kärcher and TTS agree on strategic partnership

Manual cleaning equipment: complete portfolio, expand customer reach

Kärcher and TTS Cleaning joined forces. The partners are thereby pooling their resources and capabilities in order to offer customers around the world their broad range of products and services in a customised manner in the future. With the TTS Equipment, Kärcher complements its portfolio of solutions for building cleaning and continues to position itself as a full-range supplier. TTS benefits from Kärcher’s worldwide brand awareness and comprehensive product range and thus expands its market position.


An exploration into the use of American craft brewing with fruit

The use of fruit in beer is nothing new and in today’s ‘anything goes’ brewing landscape, it’s seeing a resurgence as brewers experiment with styles and flavours, both ancient and experimental. Fruited beers provide an opportunity for the hospitality industry to offer something new and creative that sets them apart from other establishments.

Spotlight On: Energy Saving Radiator Designs

From hotel en-suites and lobbies to restaurants and retails spaces, when undergoing renovations, it makes sense to upgrade the heating system to energy efficient radiators that will save money, as well as the planet.