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Make the right move for food safety and health and safety

When it comes to enforcement authority inspections, there’s no substitute for being prepared. Bob Mackay, Technical Director with Navitas Group explains how investing in a food safety and health and safety audit will ensure you can face any inspection with confidence.

Partnership between Flipside and ItsLolly caters to Smithfield’s growing plant-based demand

LollyServe supports 20 percent uptake in customers since installation

Walking along the busy strip right by Smithfields in London, you’d be surprised how many eateries there are, and how long you often have to queue for your lunch – wasting some of your precious free hour. One future-facing restaurant, Dee Thaya’s Flipside, a modern American, plant-based grab and go offering, has decided to fully integrate LollyServe to cut down on queues and save their customers time.

Frying tonight at Host Milan

Quality Fry presents latest automatic, self-contained fryer

Quality Fry will present its latest ventless, automatic fryer at Host Milan.  The Fast Chef Elite+ Carousel features a carousel hopper that holds up to four portions of food, automatically dropping each in turn into the frying chamber once the previous batch is cooked.  Quality Fry products are manufactured in Spain and distributed in the UK by Taylor UK, who will have representatives at Host to discuss the Fast Chef Elite range.

EauVation launches FREE How To Guide to providing customers with sustainable table water

It couldn’t be easier to offer customers delicious, freshly purified, chilled, still or sparkling water and it’s a great time to tap into the growing trend for sustainable table water (if you haven’t already done so).

The Out Of The Box Space Perfect For The Catering Industry

Our garden pods are perfectly suited for businesses looking for a space that is “out of the box” but also accommodates for fast-paced service. Starting from as little as £11,745 a garden room is a much more cost-effective option for those wanting to expand their existing business, or even start a new one. With base installation, VAT and so much more included in the price, you have the guarantee of no hidden costs.


Selecta UK LTD (“Selecta UK”), a group company of Selecta AG, Europe’s leading route-based unattended self-serve coffee and convenience food retailer and Veolia have announced the launch of the new SelectaGreen Cup Recycling Service for the workplace and ‘on the go’.

Eco-friendly gloves provide additional benefits to eczema sufferers

Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources with plants growing around 15 metres tall in only 6 months. Its ability to be processed into fibres allows it to be used in the production of gloves that provide various benefits in comparison to cotton, nylon or polyester alternatives.


British bath manufacturer Cabuchon Bathforms has launched its new Studio bath, the latest addition to its range of baths which can be built into the fabric of a bathroom.

A space-saving tub, it is designed for modern en-suites and bathrooms where space is at a premium. Measuring 1522mm x 837mm (5ft x 33”), the Studio has a noticeably smaller footprint than conventionally designed baths.

Beware Evil Twins on your holidays

WatchGuard warns of rogue Wi-Fi hotspots that could ruin your getaway

Millions of holidaymakers and travellers around the world connect to public Wi-Fi networks on their mobile devices without too much thought about security. But according to cyber security firm WatchGuard Technologies, the presence of ‘evil twins’ means staying safe online when using public hotspots can be anything but.

No Cellar Space? No Problem – Brewfitt’s Lindr Units are the Answer

Brewfitt Ltd are bringing a mobile dispense solution to all bars, cafes and restaurants that wish to dispense draught beer but do not have the cellar space for a traditional cooling system

The experts in innovation and dispense are proud official distributor of Lindr mobile dispense units, designed for professional cooling and dispensing of perfectly chilled draught products. Those running a small bar or restaurant may want to add draught beer to their drinks offering, but may not have the cellar space to accommodate for a traditional cellar system.