Independent coffee shop Grind launches the UK’s first coffee ordering app, enabling fast, mobile payment.

15th February 2016: Grind & Co., the independent group of central London spaces serving coffee cocktail and food from day to night, has released their first app, the Grind App, which allows customers to pre order and pay for their coffee from their iPhone. In just three taps your morning coffee fix will be ordered and paid for ready for you to collect at your nearest Grind – no need to queue or even take your wallet out of your pocket.

Inspired by the simplicity of ordering an Uber, Grind wanted to streamline the customer experience. The first of its kind for an independent coffee group, the app aims to revolutionise how we order for regularly purchased drinks – why queue in line to place the same order day after day?

How it works: The Grinds are notoriously busy and often with long queues, so the app aims to minimize the waiting time and ensure you can get your fix even if you don’t have time to spare. Simply pick your store, select your drink and customise your order. The app also remembers your frequently ordered drinks and customisations and can be used for other food and drink offerings at each branch. Payment is handled via the app (credit card, debit card and Apple Pay) and existing customers will be able to link up their Grind Black Card (loyalty card) while new users will be able to create a new virtual one. Rewards points are automatically earned and redeemable through the app – one point for every coffee ordered.

David Abrahamovitch, founder of Grind, said: “With Grind’s first site, Shoreditch Grind at the epicentre of ‘Silicon Roundabout’ in east London and my background in technology – there’s always been a strong link between the Grind and technology and we’ve looked to harness tech wherever we can.  The iPhone is increasingly the ‘remote control for our lives’ and it struck me that we have tons of regulars who order exactly the same thing every morning – and that we could make this process much more efficient. Last year we became one of the first places in the UK to offer Apple Pay when it launched, and now with the Grind App we are continuing to pioneer new technology whenever we get the chance.”

With four sites since the launch of Shoreditch Grind in 2011, Grind has become a firm favourite of the independent coffee shop scene in London. Last year saw the launch of their first restaurant, London Grind, and the crowdfunding of £1.3m through Crowdcube, to finance the opening of a state-of-the-art roastery in east London, as well as their expansion across the city in 2016.

Grind App is free to download on iOS devices now via the App Store.  It can be used at all of the Grind branches.

For further information please contact:

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