Programme of events with expert hosts will kick-start guests’ transformational journeys at recently reimagined Marriott hotels in London

Marriott Hotels in Europe has unveiled a new series of Transform with Marriott workshops to empower guests to achieve their full potential and inspire a generation of forward-thinking achievers. The intimate and engaging evening events will take place at recently transformed hotels that enable the next generation to Travel Brilliantly in London – a city that itself is undergoing exciting development of some of its most iconic and best-loved landmarks.

The flagship brand of Marriott International is inviting visitors and guests to embark on their own journeys of personal transformation with this programme of sessions designed to boost productivity and creativity. Attendees will discover and develop life hacks with insight from some of the biggest trends from around the world, helping them to unleash their full potential both on the road and in everyday life.

Marriott Hotels has enlisted industry experts and insiders to impart their knowledge for personal transformation at the complimentary workshops. Broadcaster Alice Levine will kick-off the series with a workshop dedicated to Finding Your Voice on 30th May 2017. She will co-host a confidence-boosting Q&A with a public speaking expert.

The remaining two events will take place later in the year, with themes such as The Art of Tidying, to demonstrate how a tidy environment can transform lifestyles, and Clean Sleeping, hosted by a sleep guru who will guide guests through transformational sleeping tips.

There are three workshops taking place throughout 2017, which are open to both hotel guests and the general public:

Finding your Voice: 30th May 2017 at London Marriott Hotel Regents Park

Alice Levine will co-host the debut workshop ahead of a highly anticipated TEDxLondon event on the theme of ‘confidence’ on 4th June 2017. Whether it’s leading a business pitch, networking, hosting a client meeting, or delivering a best man’s speech, this workshop is all about giving guests the ability to address an audience with confidence. Alice will draw on her personal experience as a public figure and uncover tips from a public speaking expert to help attendees find their voice. Marriott Hotels is a partner of TED and TEDx, the organisations committed to ideas worth spreading. Tickets are complimentary when booked via Eventbrite here.

The Art of Tidying: 7th September 2017 at London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Marriott is enlisting the help of an organisational expert to demonstrate how a tidy environment can transform lives for the better, both at home and in a hotel guestroom whilst on the move. These transformational skills will be taught in the Westminster Suite at London Marriott Hotel County Hall. Bookings for this workshop will open in July 2017.

Clean Sleeping: 19th October 2017 at London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

The Clean Sleeping phenomenon has been heralded as one of the biggest wellness trends of 2017. Marriott Hotels is teaming up with a sleeping guru to show how honing a routine of good rest, particularly while travelling, will help guests stay sharp and boost their wellbeing. The session will prepare guests for the clocks going back on 29th October 2017, a time of year when people look to maximise their sleep. Bookings for this workshop will open in August 2017.

John Licence, VP Premium & Select Brands, Europe, said: “This is a pivotal time in the history of the Marriott Hotels brand as we continue to innovate and reimagine the hotel experience by enhancing every aspect of the guest stay. With some of the capital’s icons going through their own transformation, it seemed like the perfect time to offer new ways of thinking to those who want to get ahead – both personally and professionally. We’ve chosen three of our transformed Marriott Hotels in the heart of London to offer the ideal backdrop for these inspiring workshops”.

Marriott Hotels is on an exciting transformational journey to refresh its hotels with contemporary guestroom design, local influences, stylish public areas and the latest technology. Several London-based hotels, including those hosting the Transform with Marriott workshops, have already undergone extensive renovations to reinvigorate the guest experience.