Industville Limited

Industville Limited are a rapidly expanding company specialising in producing unique industrial vintage reproduction lighting and furniture. As a company, Industville offer the look and style of vintage industrial lighting without the hassle and additional cost of sourcing originals. With a constantly evolving cache of products, including the opportunity to produce bespoke lighting and furniture in line with your personal design concepts. All their products are hand-finished by skilled craftsman to ensure each item remains unique and stays true to the ethos and appeal of vintage industrial lighting and furniture.

Industville have expanded their range of giant pendant light fittings in reaction to our hospitality/industry customer demands for larger statement pendants. This new range, incorporates both new designs and a selection of our existing fittings, which can be used independently or together in groupings to create unique statement lighting installations. The launch of this new range offers statement lighting pendants, both large and small, suitable for a wide range of different spaces. Additionally, all of Industville’s light fittings are design in components meaning that they can be altered and adapted to any number of interior styles, enabling our clients to think creatively when constructing the perfect lighting statement.

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