There’s no such thing as “to small for mobile” your clients are mobile so should you be

If you’re a small business owner, the last thing you’re looking for is another expense. But when this leads you to ignore the fastest-growing and most cost-effective channel for connecting with your market, you’re going to run into problems.

We’re talking about mobile apps (mobile advertising) it’s a world that simply can’t be avoided, at this point. And mobile isn’t just for big businesses. In fact, it’s ideal for small businesses as well. Mobile apps are inexpensive, and provide a lot of leverage and reach for your money. If you’ve been putting off “going mobile,” now is the time to check it off your list.

Companies like Ebay and Amazon are some of the biggest online retail stores in the world but they have gone down the mobile app route, Starbucks reported that 10% of all sales were through it’s mobile app.  And the Netflix and Love film apps are growing rapidly while companies like Blockbuster are going bankrupt.

You might say “I’ve already got a website and have a decent Google rank. Why should I care about mobile apps?”  and the answer is “Because you are invisible to 33% of searchers an growing”

That is, roughly a third of searchers use mobile apps. And if you do not have a mobile app then you are ignoring these potential clients, and this number will only grow.  What’s worse for non-mobile businesses is that a growing number of people use mobile exclusively. Just like a landline telephone (when was the last time you use one), many users no longer find it necessary to bother with a desktop computers separately from their mobile device. When it comes to tablets especially, some users feel that there’s just not enough of an advantage to be gained by having a computer in addition to their mobile device.

For that reason, it’s essential to get started with mobile now, while there’s still some time to move with the trend (instead of lagging behind it). From a competitive standpoint, businesses that are first on mobile will gain an advantage over latecomers.

I don’t know about mobile apps. I’m not even interested in learning. I just want to run my business. Is there an easy way to go about it?   Yes Easy Apps Business makes it easy for you to get your business app, up and running, Apple, Ipad, Android, Table, Windows and Blackberry apps available.