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Kärcher UK launches SG 4/2 Classic steam cleaner

Kärcher UK has launched its newest steam cleaner, the SG 4/2. The compact and easy to use steam cleaner features a water tank, steam generator and storage space for accessories, all housed in a unique all-in-one box design. Its practical casing ensures it is a flexible solution for use in different locations, for instance to clean kitchens or toilet facilities, or in supermarkets and shops, to clean counters and displays.

Gong’s beautiful wall lights help to create warm and stylish bedrooms at Ĥotel Gramont, Paris

Chief Lighting Designer, Jo Plismy of Gong, is passionate about her designs and was delighted to work with Interior Designer, Aurelié Lambert on the refurbishment of the charming and eclectic Ĥotel Gramont, in the heart of the Paris Opera District. 

YouGov survey reveals significant shift to out-of-home EV charging

A recent YouGov survey reveals a significant shift towards out-of-home EV (electric vehicle) charging, as public and destination charging facilities start to step up to meet growing demand.

The survey, conducted by YouGov on behalf of CTEK, the leading global brand in vehicle charging, reveals that only 56% of EV owners are now charging at home (down from 78% in 2021), with 20% charging at shopping centres, 20% at work, 11% at hotels and 8% at restaurants. 17% are charging at petrol stations, but only 7% give this as their preferred place to charge, and 12% actually say that not having to visit petrol stations is their favourite thing about EV ownership!

A guide to leasing equipment for your restaurant

Businesses within the so-called “night time economy”, namely bars and restaurants, have endured a challenging couple of years, starting with the adverse impact of the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns.

More recently, such entities are struggling with surging energy costs, with more than 6,000 letters to MPs having been sent to demand emergency support.

Could Gig Workers Solve Hospitality Staffing Shortage?

By John Ryan, CEO and Co-founder of Gigable

During COVID-19 lockdowns, food delivery became a vital source of income for restaurant owners, and for some, it is still a sizable part of their business model even after they have reopened. However, many restaurants that made it through the pandemic are now dealing with a new crisis that is making them reevaluate how they run their operations and manage their staff.

Eucalyptus – The Refresher

Hill Hassall Botanics, The Eucalyptus Beverage Company, discovered a novel way to infuse a sophisticated Eucalyptus essence into a rejuvenating, everyday drink. The one word that came back over and over again at tasting events was “refreshing.” The bubbles in sparkling water served to amplify the aromatic qualities of the Eucalyptus globulus leaves and in Hill Hassall Botanics’ signature drink, The Refresher, they really deliver.

Future trends in restaurant tech to raise your seasonal profits

Restaurants need technology to thrive in an increasingly competitive market where profit margin mean everything. But what’s hot in software as we head towards the all-important Christmas and New Year seasons? Jaipal Yadav, MD of restaurant software business, Favouritetable, considers the options.