Australian Vintage launches Tempus One wine spritzers


Australian Vintage has launched Tempus One, a vibrant new sub-brand of wine spritzers available in can format.

Launching in June 2024 exclusively at Asda, Tempus One is the newest addition to Australian Vintage’s extensive portfolio of alcoholic beverages. Responding to the continued growth of the RTD category, Australian Vintage hopes that the RTD format of its new wine spritzer will resonate with a younger generation of drinkers.

Tempus One is crafted from Sauvignon Blanc, delivering a refreshing, easy-drinking experience in a convenient 250ml can format. An approachable RTD with an ABV of 4%, these spritzers deliver a lighter, refreshing drink with just 38 calories per 100ml.

The range, priced at £2.00 per can, includes three on-trend, vegan-friendly flavours: Watermelon, Passionfruit, and Berry, each providing a crisp, vibrant taste that aligns with today’s consumer preferences.

Oliver Hoey, Senior Brand Manager, Australian Vintage, commented on the launch: “Tempus One is not just a new drink, it’s a new way to enjoy wine. We’ve taken the essence of Sauvignon Blanc and transformed it into a vibrant, refreshing spritzer that’s perfect for the next generation of wine drinkers. Our research shows that younger consumers are promiscuous drinkers, looking for social experiences and visually appealing products, and Tempus One delivers just that. With on-the-go convenience and irresistible flavours, Tempus One is set to redefine how young adults experience wine.”

Tempus One aims to further drive the wine “spritzer” category by delivering a refreshing alternative to other drinks on the market. Among total wine and RTD category buyers, Tempus One has achieved impressive trial scores, with 72% of respondents considering it a great alternative to other beverages and 77% praising its flavours.

As part of its launch, Tempus One will be poured at ‘Between the Bridges’, a pop up entertainment area on London’s South Bank. Emily Waterston, Brand Manager, Australian Vintage commented on the activation: “Between the Bridges is the perfect platform to support the launch of Tempus One as we target our key audience of Gen Z and Millennial drinkers. The approachable RTD can format makes Tempus One the ideal accompaniment for an afternoon and evening enjoyed in the sun.”