The recipe uses the GAIL’s dark sourdough, made with wheat and wholemeal flours.

A dark, chewy, bitter-sweet crust, and tight, tacky crumb deliver a complex, wholesome flavour that make it the perfect platform for a toastie. The choice of cheese for this toastie is the semi-hard Mayfield Swiss cheese by Buchanan’s Cheesemonger. It has a creamy, sweet, nutty flavour that holds its own against the other flavours in this sandwich.

  • The Eaten Alive’s sauerkraut is made with crunchy white British cabbages, which mellow through the fermentation process but still have a satisfying bite. A tangy sauerkraut with a touch of carrot and mustard, this adds the all-important crunch to each mouthful.
  • GAIL’s search for the best locally-produced pastrami brought us together with the exceptional Chapel & Swan, a traditional brick kiln smokehouse. They take the finest brisket and brine it with aromatics, salt and sugar for five days, before slowly cooking in the hot kiln for 12 hours.
  • GAIL’s have created its own dressing to use that is creamy and slightly spicy. It is made with a perfectly balanced blend of homemade chilli aioli, pickled cucumbers, tomato paste, horseradish, Dijon mustard and fresh lemon juice.

You’ll need: 

  • 2 slices of GAIL’s dark sourdough 
  • Butter 
  • Sliced pastrami
  • Swiss cheese
  • Russian dressing (you can use Thousand Island too) 
  • Eaten Alive’s Classic Kraut 


  • Butter the outside of each slice of bread. 
  • Add Russian dressing to the unbuttered side of a slice, top with pastrami, and then add a generous layer of sauerkraut. Then repeat a second layer of Russian dressing and top with slices of Swiss cheese. 
  • Add your second slice of bread, butter side up and pop the sandwich into your toastie press or bag. Remember, your buttered sides should be facing out. 
  • Cook for the recommended time, then carefully remove and leave to cool slightly before slicing in half.
  • Serve with your choice of pickles, hot sauce or ketchup on the side.

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