Richard Haworth Provides Fast and Fresh Facelift option for Restaurants

Create a new look and feel to your dining space without the expense of a full refurb

In the bounce back from Covid-19, budgets are tighter and the idea of a full refit and refurbishment can be one expense too far for many restaurateurs. However a simple yet effective way to give any dining premises a facelift is to create a more luxurious and fresh feel to the restaurant space by thinking about how you dress your tables.

The simplest and quickest way to do this, without breaking the bank, is of course to add tablecloths. Raj Ruia, Director at Richard Haworth explains: “Tablecloths create an instantly more classic look, and can hide old, tired-looking tables in a matter of seconds.

“The tablecloth look is synonymous with the expectation of a luxurious dining experience, and can absolutely make an impactful first-impression. This can be particularly effective when it comes to attracting walk-in customers who may not have a reservation, but have spotted that glimpse of finery through the window.

“However, if tablecloths are too much of a conventional choice for your restaurant, small touches such as linen napkins, can be enough of a change to freshen things up. They can inject a splash of colour to restaurant interiors, whilst communicating that sustainability is something you care about as a restaurant-operator.”

Richard Haworth’s popular Amalfi table linen range is regularly used in high profile restaurants across the country, including The Goring and The Clove Club. Available in 27 colourways to suit every season and interior style, the Richard Haworth Amalfi range is made from revolutionary cotton soft fabrics to ensure ultimate durability, providing a more sustainable solution to paper towels and other one-use options.

Raj explained: “Today’s customers are extremely savvy and educated when it comes to understanding the impact that one-use products can have on the environment. Diners are increasingly making considered choices in all aspects of their lives and that includes where and how they dine out. Whether that’s understanding where their food has been sourced and the carbon footprint of the furniture and interiors inside the restaurants they frequent, they want to know they are supporting businesses with ethics.

“Our stain-release fabric technology means lower temperature washes, with less rinsing and chemicals required, resulting in a more environmentally-friendly and durable product for you and your guests.”

Personalisation of table linens is another way to create a new, professional look in a restaurant, and this is a truly cost-effective way to elevate your all round interior appeal.

“Restaurant linens become truly unique when embroidered with staff names or a restaurant logo. This gives customers a fantastic impression, since the linens then become an extension of the work your chefs do in the kitchen,” added Raj.

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