Chromate has been the established industry standard as the corrosion inhibitor for absorption minibars. A new EU legislation stipulates the phase-out of this
substance for environmental reasons by 2021 at the latest. Dometic invested in R&D and is now in the unique position to offer a sustainable alternative.What are the most common denominators between Dometic noiseless hotel minibars and Dometic medical fridges in hospitals? They are completely silent and
operate vibration-free so that they will not disturb hotel guests nor patients in healthcare. This is thanks to the absorption cooling technology which ensures reliability
and durability as well as reduced maintenance and a longer product life span.

For the past decades, the minibar industry has been using chromate as a corrosion inhibitor. However, the EU authorities have now decided to prohibit the use of
chromate in production within Europe from January 1, 2020, and for importation to Europe during 2021.

Well ahead of the new legislation, Dometic proactively initiated research & development in this area more than two decades ago in order to develop a new corrosion
inhibitor to replace chromate and to guarantee the long-term reliability and sustainability of its absorption minibars.

“The absorption technology, with the absence of moving parts, offers unique advantages compared to compressor technology in terms of noise, longevity and
lack of maintenance need. We are very happy to be able to secure the continued supply of Dometic absorption minibars to our customers, complementing our
thermoelectric and compressor ranges for hotels and healthcare,” says Peter Kruk, President of Dometic EMEA.

Dometic’s new inhibitor is an environmentally sound substance that has the same anti-corrosive effect as the well-proven chromate. It has been thoroughly tested in-
housefor over ten years and is now substituting chromate in Dometic’s minibar and minicools factory in Hungary.

Anton Lundqvist, Chief Technology Officer at Dometic says, “Based on the extensive tests performed in our own European factories as well as in external research
institutes, we are confident that the new inhibitor will offer the same reliability and guarantee an equally long service life for our minibars as chromate did until now.”

“We are very proud of this achievement and welcome the decision of the European Union stepping up further into this ambitious Sustainable plan. Farsighted thinking
combined with strategic investment has ensured a future for absorption minibars. Dometic has, once again, lived up to its promise to be a sustainable company and a
product leader.”

The new filling stations have been put in place in Hungary, and Dometic is now in the unique position to offer a sustainable alternative. The legislation for the ban
of chromate in minibars makes Dometic the sole supplier of European-produced absorption minibars.