Radnor Hills is based in Radnorshire, Mid Wales on Heartsease Farm, drawing natural Welsh spring water from an aquifer below land farmed by our family for over 100 years.

William Watkins, third generation farmer at Heartsease diversified into bottled water and soft drinks 30 years ago.  The company now produces flavoured waters, tetra juices, school drinks and premium presses, and September 2019 saw the installation of our first canning line.   This makes Radnor stand out from the pack, we are  family owned and run and uniquely able to offer cans, plastic, tetra and glass all from one site.As well as serving retail, wholesale and Horeca market, Radnor supplies most UK secondary schools with school compliant drinks and promote with Merlin Entertainment each year with free tickets to Merlin attractions.   This year we gifted 40 million teens go free tickets for UK-wide Madame Tussauds, Warwick Castle and Dungeons attractions.

NPD is vital to the soft drinks industry, here at Heartsease we have our own syrup room on site where we mix our own recipes for our soft drinks and devise and test all our new ranges which are then tasted by our experienced NPD team to ensure we create the most delicious drinks possible.  This year we launched a new range of infused water in cans, these drinks are sugar, preservative, sweetener and calorie free! As well as being delicious.

Radnor is situated in the most beautiful rural countryside and preservation of our surroundings and the environment is key, the company is very environmentally aware, we have ISO 14001, are zero to landfill, and have a dedicated onsite recycling centre to ensure any leftover or damaged plastic bottles, tetra cartons, cans or glass bottles are sent back to different recycling locations around the UK.  We are committed to supporting recycling and increasing the supply of recycled material to the industry.   (Radnor uses 51% PET in our plastic bottles, so for us this is not only an environmental bonus but is also a commercial no-brainer).   Protecting our environment is not just about waste packaging, for manufacturers there are far wider issues to consider and Radnor has also installed a state of the art effluent plant and reed-bed system to carefully deal with all waste water from our site in the most environmentally protective manner.

This environmental commitment earned us the Made in Wales, Ethical and Sustainable Supplier Award in 2019.