HRC to host The UK Coffee in Good Spirits Championships
 for the first time this March

The start of 2020 brings with it exciting news for Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC).  They are delighted to announce, for the first time, they are partnering with The Speciality Coffee Association (The SCA UK) and that the association will bring with it the UK Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (UKCiGS) and UK Brewers Cup Championship (UKBrCC) to HRC from 3-5 March.  This is new and exclusive for HRC and promises to be a ‘must see’ for all visitors to the show.

What is the SCA UK?

The SCA UK represent the UK based members of the Specialty Coffee Association. Their primary aim is to organise and run the UK National Coffee Championships, which lead into the World Championships, and to host events, which inform, educate and bring together the ever-growing UK coffee community.  The overriding goal of SCA UK is to spread the knowledge of great coffee as the enjoyment of good coffee grows year on year.  In 2018 in the UK we consumed 95 million cups of coffee a day, a huge 25 million cup increase from the 70 million consumed in 2018.  The association is run by volunteers; an elected committee and a non-elected sub-committee.

What’s involved in the championships?

The Coffee in Good Spirits Championships, taking place on 3rd March at HRC, is designed to encourage interest and entry to the competition from a host of aspiring bar tenders, mixologists and baristas.  Entrants are asked to prepare their own hot or cold coffee cocktails to be presented to the judges.   The highest scoring 6 competitors go through to the final round.  Next up, is to prepare the perfect Irish Coffee, plus one hot or cold coffee cocktail. This is the only competition where contestants can use alcohol. Contestants are judged on their technical skills, the aesthetic appeal of the drink and of course the taste!  

What does the Brewers Cup Final entail?

Takes place on 4th March at HRC.  This is a compulsory round and highlights the ever-growing craft of skilled manual filter coffee brewing.  This really highlights those individuals who are super-skilled in this area.  Entrants must prepare 3 coffees for the judges.  Each coffee must have consistency in great taste and quality.