Thinking of playing live music in your venue?

When used effectively, live events have the potential to enhance your business or organisation.

Live music has the power to bring people together, be it in a small club or pub or a huge muddy field, everyone is there for the same reason.  There are no teams, no different sides, no competition. They are simply there to hear the music they love and have a good time.

These days live music is booming. It has become so much more accessible than it was 30 years ago. Parents are introducing their children to gigs before they can even sing along, festivals have become family weekends away, we are travelling around the world to watch acts perform live. 

This wouldn’t be possible though if many of the global superstars we know and love hadn’t been able to start performing in grassroots venues. In June 2003, Alex Turner took to the stage in The Grapes pub in Sheffield, and the phenomenal rise of The Arctic Monkeys began. Without small venues hosting bands like this, the UK live music scene would almost definitely decline.

Attract new interest

Showcasing both well-known artists and local talent could help your business grow by attracting the artist’s own fans and other fans of the music/genre/style.

If your venue is hosting events containing live music, recorded music or both, you will probably need TheMusicLicence.

At PPL PRS we have a specialised team of Live Music Advisers who will take you through your music licence application step-by-step, making it easy for you to obtain a music licence for the playing or performance of music at your event.  They will help you to manage all the licensing elements of your events and live performances.

How is the cost calculated?

The cost of TheMusicLicence depends on a number of factors. For live events and performances TheMusicLicence fees are calculated on your specific event, which means our licence is tailored to your individual needs.

To get a quote for TheMusicLicence for your event or performance please contact our dedicated Live Music Team on 0208 338 1407 or email [email protected] to get TheMusicLicence for your live event or performance.

Protecting the future of music

TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS has been introduced to help make playing music to the public more straightforward.

After our business costs, music licence fees are distributed to those involved in making music via our parent companies PPL and PRS for Music. Our parent companies each have databases storing millions of musical compositions and recordings. Together with information about what music is being played or performed at your event, PPL and PRS for Music can determine fairly and efficiently which of their members to pay and how much to pay them. This means that by purchasing TheMusicLicence, you are supporting the future of music.