• Asian restaurant creates bao bun featuring the face of the infamous Columbian Pablo Escobar
  • Themed dish is served with a free coke and was launched to celebrate the return of popular Netflix drama Narcos

A range of Asian buns created by top London ramen bar TANG featuring the faces of pop culture icons has launched with the first batch of Pablo Esco-buns selling out in one day.

TANG, one of the capital’s most popular Asian restaurants, created ‘Bunny Faces’- a series of bespoke steamed buns that draws inspiration from Charaben, a Japanese art form where food is designed to look like pop culture figures.

The adult-only dish, the ‘Pablo Esco-bun’ is served with a free (can of) coke as a celebratory nod towards the highly anticipated Tom Cruise movie release, American Made, and the return of award winning Netflix drama Narcos.


Head Chef at TANG, Chen Ng said: “Our buns lead the way for authentic taste, so when we were looking for famous faces to feature there was no-one more timely than the notorious Pablo Escobar”

She added: “We love how popular the Pablo Esco-bun has been; we can hardly keep up with demand. Everyone seems to be addicted to the flavour!”


TANG’s ‘Bunny Faces’ range includes:

  • a tongue in cheek, wheat-free bun inspired by the Prime Minister featuring a hint of Teresa May-onnaise
  • the ‘Cor-bun’, inspired by the Labour leader, featuring red cabbage and an equal spread of salted egg yolk sauce

Research shows one in five Brits admits to posting a picture of a meal within the last month on social channels* and steamed bun art has become a soaring Instagram trend.

TANG is welcoming suggestions @TangLondon using #punbuns to increase the ‘Bunny Faces’ range which has proved so popular. Future faces could include; music legends Bun DMC, Bun Jovi and Bunford & Buns; TV stars Sharon Os-Bun, Vicky Pattisbun and Lady bunny and iconic film heroes Bunder Woman, James Bund and Tony Buntana.


The tasty treats are available at Asian dining destination located at St Giles London on Tottenham Court Road until the UK release of American Made on 25th August.