KIND Snacks UK expands in line with category growth

KIND Snacks, one of the fastest growing US snack bars, is broadening its UK range.

Projecting to double its brand value in 2017 and achieve year-on-year growth of over 100 per cent, KIND is set to add another bar to its eight-strong range sold nationwide, while also unveiling a new look for one of its consumer favourites.

Revamping the packaging of its Almond & Coconut bar in eye catching bright blue, KIND aims to hero the bar’s key ingredient, coconut, and align with other coconut-based products on shelves.

Alongside this, KIND Snacks is tapping into the nation’s love of coffee with the latest addition to its tasty, nutritious Nuts & Spices range: Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond. Made with dark roast coffee and whole almonds (59%), bound together with honey and drizzled in dark chocolate, this bar is gluten and diary free, high in fibre, and has just 5g of sugar.

KIND Snacks’ proposition uses only the highest quality whole nuts, fruits and spices, and both bars maintain the brand’s iconic transparent packaging, allowing consumers to see the product’s natural, whole ingredients.

Since launching in the UK 18 months ago, KIND Snacks has quickly become the go-to snack for Brits. Kate Lucas, KIND’s UK Managing Director says, ‘We are very pleased with our first year and a half of trading in the UK. We hit the market at just the right time with the healthy snacking category taking off and a strong demand for healthy AND delicious convenience food options to match our ‘always on’ lifestyles.’

Consumer snacking habits in the UK continue to rise, with Brits among Europe’s biggest consumers – spending over £2.8bn a year on snacks; nut snacking occasions in particular are up 23.5% since 2014 (source: Kantar).

The KIND Snacks UK range includes:


KIND® Nuts & Spices

KIND® Nuts & Spices bars are whole nuts flavoured with delicious spices. With about 1 tsp of sugar per bar, each has on average over 40% less sugar (per 100g) compared to similar snack bars.

  • Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond KIND’S NEWEST bar
  • Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt
  • Caramel Almond & Sea Salt
  • Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt
  • Madagascan Vanilla Almond


KIND® Fruit & Nut

KIND® Fruit & Nut bars are all about simplicity. Just whole nuts and fruit bound together in honey. Easy to recognise, pronounce and enjoy.

  • Almond & Coconut NEW packaging
  • Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate & Cherry Cashew


The range of KIND Snacks can be found in Whole Foods Markets (£1.49), Tesco stores (£1.29), Sainsbury’s (£1.25) and Waitrose (£1.29) nationwide, with the new bars available from mid-June.