Zip HydroTap G4 Launches 590ft above the Capital

Aldo Zilli & Nigel Smith, Zip Brand Ambassadors

Zip Heaters UK Ltd, the world leader in instant boiling water, has today officially launched a new generation of drinking water appliance, the innovative Zip HydroTap G4, at an illustrious event at one of London’s most iconic landmarks, The Gherkin.

The Zip HydroTap G4 is the world’s most advanced single source drinking water tap, delivering boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water instantly. Ground breaking in design and concept, the low energy, air-cooled ventilation system with superior performance, reduces standby energy consumption by up to 53% over the previous models[i]. This makes the G4 the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible product in the instant boiling water market; a factor which is becoming increasingly important to environmentally conscious businesses.

In the UK, we consume 165 million cups of tea and around 70 million cups of coffee every day[ii]. Adding this total to the amount of bottled water consumed in the UK – which totals 3billion per year[iii] – raises the serious issue around energy usage for boiling water, and the carbon footprint for delivery and disposal of bottled water. Many businesses have already started realising the benefits of turning to filtered water systems which include improving their green credentials through reducing their CO2 emissions.

Paul Colebrook, Sales Director at Zip Heaters UK Ltd, says: “We feel privileged to have over 4,000 Zip models installed across the capital and we’ve worked hard to gain a loyal following of customers throughout the UK. The 360 degree views from the 39th and 40th floors gave an unparalleled view of the London skyline, showcasing many of London’s famous buildings where many Zip HydroTaps are installed including the iconic; City Hall, Blue Fin Building, Heron Tower and The Houses of Parliament to name just a few.”

Hundreds of leading figures from the Architecture, Facilities Management, Hospitality, Catering, Design and Commercial business worlds joined to celebrate the launch, 590ft above the capital.

Hailed as a front and back of house essential for caterers, chefs, bars and restaurants, the Zip HydroTap G4’s high spec space-saving design makes it suitable for front of house visibility where getting the right beverage solution is key and in the kitchen it has become a vital aid, allowing chefs and caterers to boil, blanch and chill in an instant.

So impressed with the design and versatility of the G4, Zip Heaters UK Ltd is proud to announce that award winning celebrity Chef, Aldo Zilli and Executive Chef Nigel Smith, have joined Zip as Brand Ambassadors for HydroTap G4. Both Nigel and Aldo’s expertise and passion made them the perfect fit for the brand.

Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli, says: “The Zip HydroTap G4 combines versatility and efficiency; processes from boiling to thawing are all done with just a touch of a button. Any chef will know, finding equipment which offers a quality product AND saves time is gold dust.”

Executive Chef Nigel Smith, says: “I’ve been using the Zip HydroTap in cooking for the past few months, and it has made my life as a chef SO much easier. It’s transformed my kitchen – I now use sparkling water to make light, fluffy batter and for putting a zing into dressings. Boiling water instantly on tap is ideal for blanching vegetables, then I can plunge the veg into instant chilled water to stop the cooking quickly.”

The new G4 model boasts the finest filtration available anywhere in the world today, the new Zip 0.2 micron filtration system removes dirt and contaminants up to 25 times better than previous models, ensuring a crystal-clear, purer tasting drinking water experience in every drop.

Colebrook continues: “We are committed to driving innovation in the water provisions sector and our latest model is reflective of our passion to continue to introduce products of world class design.”

For more information about Zip’s products and services, visit or call 0845 6 005 005.