HYKE Gin Relaunches in 100% Recycled Aluminium Bottles

HYKE Gin is relaunching its signature ‘Saved Grape’ gin in 100% recycled aluminium bottles.


The new bottle is lightweight, uses 90% less energy than glass when recycled (and less than 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminium) and boasts a plastic-free, compostable lid seal. The 70cl bottle is 40% lighter when full, with the capacity for 48% more bottles per pallet – contributing to energy efficiency during transportation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Made and bottled here in the UK, HYKE’s IWSC Gold-Medal-winning gin is distilled from leftover fresh grapes from the supermarket supply chain. As part of their mission to make gin that is ‘zero waste; superb taste’, HYKE takes the grapes that don’t fit in the punnet to fit beautifully in their gin.


In a glass bottle since its launch in 2019, this transition to an infinitely recyclable, 100% recycled aluminium bottle is an exciting step for HYKE Gin. It comes as part of a wider rebrand to a more contemporary style, which will resonate with younger consumers who value sustainability and quality of product.


Simon Pierce, spokesperson for HYKE Gin, says, “We’re thrilled to take this next step in enhancing our sustainability while continuing to offer the same award-winning quality. Our customers can enjoy our exceptional gin, knowing it’s crafted with care for both taste and the environment.”


The new bottles will be launching into Tesco on 17th June, RRP £28, with further availability at Amazon, Master of Malt and Hykegin.co.uk