Hundreds of families supported through HiB’s partnership with Home-Start UK

HiB is thrilled to announce the results of its first year of partnership with Corporate Charity Partner, Home-Start UK. The recently received impact report highlights the significant contributions HiB employees have made towards supporting families in need.

From creating cherished moments for 489 families, to raising an impressive £25,872, HiB’s collaboration with Home-Start UK has gotten off to a flying start.

Emma Cuggy, HiB’s Director of People and ESG, expressed her delight at the partnership’s achievements. She said: “We are incredibly pleased with our first year working alongside Home-Start UK. The engagement and commitment from our team has been extraordinary. We look forward to building on this success and making an even greater impact in 2024 and beyond.”

Through the year, HiB volunteers have taken part in a number of challenges and volunteer activities to support the worthy cause. From three HiB employees showcasing their dedication and stamina by participating in this iconic London Landmarks ½ Marathon race, to teams volunteering their time with local Home-Start branches, directly assisting families in their communities through renovations and donations.

Though these activities are just the beginning, as throughout the year, HiB colleagues have continuously engaged in numerous small yet significant moments, celebrating and contributing to the partnership’s success.

The impact of these efforts has helped fund the recruitment and training of 539 additional Home-Start volunteers through 2023 and 2024. Each volunteer typically assists six families during their service, which means that over 3,000 families could receive the crucial support they need thanks to funding from HiB. This support is vital, as Home-Start UK aims to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life.

Talking about the future of the partnership, Emma Cuggy said: “Our team’s passion for making a difference is inspiring. We are excited to see how our partnership with Home-Start UK will evolve and continue to make a positive impact on families across the UK. Together, we are committed to helping ensure that no child’s potential is limited by their circumstances.”

HiB remains dedicated to its partnership with Home-Start UK and looks forward to another year of meaningful engagement and support. The company is confident that with continued efforts, they can help even more families thrive and create brighter futures.

Thea Karavasili-Campbell, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Home-Start UK said: “We are so proud of our partnership with HiB Ltd, which has gone from strength to strength. It has been fantastic to work with HiB colleagues across the country to ensure that we can support families when they need us most. Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of our partnership with HiB Ltd. We anticipate another fantastic year of collaboration, filled with new opportunities to make a positive impact on the Home-Start communities we support.”

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