Easter 2021 – could it be the year of the BBQ?

After months of lockdown, people across the UK are looking forward to the Easter weekend, not least because they will be able to meet up with friends and family again.

However, Brits may be wondering what – if anything – they can do over the rare four-day weekend.  Traditional bank holiday pastimes include visiting the pub, heading for a meal out or getting the whole family together for a Sunday roast, but as current restrictions don’t allow us to, this year, let’s break with tradition and change it up. A safe, socially-distanced and sizzling solution could be to fire-up the BBQ instead.


Many Brits admit to not being confident with their outdoor cooking endeavours, but rest assured, help is at hand so that you can be as confident over the grill as you are in the kitchen. Say goodbye to dangerously undercooked or ridiculously over cooked meat, the MEATER Plus is a high-tech cooking tool to ensure BBQ cooks end in juicy, tender, mouth-watering results. This smart but simple solution ensures today’s Barbie’s will be a complete success and dubious meat a thing of the past.


The MEATER Plus wireless meat thermometer takes all the guess work out of cooking meat and fish to absolute perfection. It’s simple to setup and simple to use – even non-techy folk will find using it a breeze. The MEATER Plus provides a smart guided cook system which will ensure satisfying, safe-to eat results, each and every time, and can be used with a large selection of meats and fish such as a nice lamb shoulder or a succulent salmon.


This feature-rich meat thermometer even lets you kick back and relax until your meat is ready to enjoy, so you can make the most of spending time with the friends or family you have missed during lockdown. MEATER Plus does all the work, providing estimated cooking times, monitoring the meat whilst cooking, sending handy alerts, and notifying when cooked perfection has been achieved. Simply connect the MEATER Plus to any smartphone or tablet to make use of MEATER’s patented smart technology.


MEATER has celebrated over four million cooks from its users with numbers continuing to grow every day. Check out #MEATERmade, the possibilities are endless.


The MEATER Plus is available from MEATER priced at £99.


To celebrate being able to be together this Easter, MEATER are giving a 10% discount – use code GROUP6.