Brighton: the top spot for your staycation

The popularity of the staycation has sky-rocketed in recent years, with many holidaymakers opting for the green grass of Britain as opposed to the Spanish sun that has proved popular for so many years now. The average Brit in 2017 took 3.8 holidays in the space of the year, with 72% taking a holiday within the borders of the UK. So, if you’re staying at home this year and stuck for somewhere to spend your time, look no further than Brighton. ‘London at sea’ has been a popular tourist destination for a long time now, but what makes it the hub that it has become in recent years?

Firstly, the seaside town that has celebrity residents such as singer-song writers, James Morrison and Noel Gallagher, is located half an hour from Gatwick airport, offering ease of access to both domestic and international flights. If you’re making the journey down from London, which is a 50 minute commute on the train, save yourself the journey back and look at staying in a Brighton Hotel. Here, with Lookers Mercedes, Mercedes Benz service specialists, we take you through why you should visit Brighton this summer.

Attractions to visit

Brighton offers a unique ambience of being relaxed and easy-going, but there is still so much to see:

Brighton’s piers

Existing as the only town in Britain to boast a Grade I-listed pier, Brighton has unique selling point. Opened in 1866, the West pier was originally built as a promenade with an open deck and a splutter of small buildings before a central bandstand was built in 1875 and a theatre added a decade later. Unfortunately, the West pier now stands derelict, with many renovation proposals being discusses. However, the Grade II-listed Brighton Pier, built in 1899, today stands as a curious hybrid of modern installation in a Victorian shell. On offer are a pleasure park of funfair rides, bars and restaurants, making the location perfect for all ages.

The Brighton Marina

With a yacht harbour stretching 126 acres in length and providing space for around 1300 vessels, in Brighton you will find the nation’s largest yacht marina. There’s opportunities a plenty, including sailing lessons, seas fishing and diving, but if land is more your cup of tea, the marina village hosts an eight-screen cinema, large bowling complex, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Theatre Royal

Located in the city’s cultural quarter is one of the country’s oldest and most established theatres. The grade II-listed building often homes some of the best theatre productions available and has done since 1807. Be sure to check what’s on during your visit and come to be entertained.

Booth Museum of Natural History

With more than 300 years’ worth of data and approximately half a million different specimens, this attraction is an absolute must for the history lovers among us. The educational centre also provides a variety of children’s activities, so you won’t need to worry about the little ones getting restless.

Activities to take part in

The seaside resort offers up something to do virtually all year round. Here’s a pick of just a few of the activities you can get involved in when you’re there though:

Brighton Pride

With Pride in the Park, the Parade itself and the Pride Dog show, you won’t be disappointed. Billed as the UK’s biggest Pride festival, the August event provides an atmosphere like no other. Take to the streets and soak up the carnival atmosphere with the various parades and village parties – not to mention the pride dog show! Lonely Planet describes to event as one of the best Pride events in the world, so it certainly isn’t to be missed if you want to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

Brighton Bike Tours

Perhaps the best way to see all the sites Brighton boasts is to go on a bike tour of the area. The fun and informative journey is led by a tour guide who will explain your every move. The groups are kept small and the route isn’t too challenging, making this activity a great way to learn about Brighton on a sunny day.

Undercliff walk

This isn’t just an average walk – it takes you on an experience like no other. Described as one of the most unusual and inspiring walks, the path leads you approximately 4.5km along the bottom of the chalk cliffs. With the route providing an opportunity for walkers and cyclists alike to take in the scenic views while enjoying the sea air, it also contains many fossils of mammoths, woolly rhinos and hippos. It’s recommended that you give yourself approximately three hours to complete the route.

Where to drink

Brighton has cemented its position as one of the UK’s best party destinations. Don’t panic if late night dancing isn’t your jam, the town has someone for absolutely everyone. Many of the pubs you’ll find are serviced by local breweries, and if you’re a fan of real ales, the Quadrant at the top of North Street could be the place for you.

Steeped in more than 500 years of history, the Lion and Lobster in the centre of the town, is an atmospheric watering hole that could be the perfect spot to sink some delicious pints. The North Laine Pub And Brewery is another must-visit haunt. Some of the freshest pints on the seaside shores can be found here with the venue brewing, yes brewing, its own beer!

With a host of trendy dance clubs, as the sun begins to fall in the sky, it’s the waterfront you’re going to want to be at. You’ll be sure to get your groove on into the early hours of the morning. At The Lanes, you’ll find a wonderfully weird club called The Mesmerist. With its 1920s-style setting, you are likely to be welcomed by circus performers, burlesque dancers, party DJs and swing musicians.

Where to eat

Veeno Brighton, a popular choice amongst ‘foodies’ after a relaxing dining experience, is the top eatery, according to TripAdvisor, gaining an impressive five stars from almost 100 reviews. Based in West Street, the establishment is an Italian wine café that offers beautiful sharing platters and wine tasting experiences.

64 Degrees Brighton by Michael Bremner is a great alternative for those looking for a little more luxury. Since opening its doors in 2014, the Meeting House Lane eatery has been offering guests the chance to interact with their chefs as they prepare, plate and present their exquisite dishes.

So, there’s just a few reasons why you should make Brighton the holiday destination for the summer, but visit yourself and you’ll understand exactly why we think it’s worth it you’re time.