Agriculture specialist Paul Gerrard, former MD of GEA UK, and disruptor technology pioneer Mel Ragnauth, formerly at Glint and Spiralite, have been appointed to the board of WET Holdings (Global) as CEO and COO respectively, to spearhead the water enhancement technology innovator’s expansion across international and domestic markets.

Paul Gerrard brings a wealth of experience within agriculture, having overseen a breakthrough into the UK market for German food technology giant GEA. Meanwhile, Mel Ragnauth will draw on his expertise in launching disruptor technology on the global stage after success as MD of Spiralite, the non-metal ductwork and insulation manufacturer, and Chief Business Development Officer of Glint, a digital payments business.

WET Holdings (Global) is an innovative water enhancing technology business that uses a unique process to remove harmful pollutants from water – including micro plastics – to produce water that is rich in alkaline minerals that produce anti-oxidants.

It provides water enhancement technology for a variety of sectors including food & beverage, agriculture, environmental and engineering, as well as domestic systems and systems for elite sports.

Paul Gerrard, CEO of WET Holdings (Global), says: “For me, it was an easy decision to join WET. The technology is both unique and revolutionary, and can have a direct impact on global issues – particularly on reducing single use plastics and microplastics – and for sectors wanting to improve the quality of the water they use.

“For example, the technology can be used in the agricultural sector to improve the quality of crops and livestock, in the beverages sector to reduce sugar in soft drinks, and for consumers, the health benefits of drinking alkaline water are just starting to become known.

“Mel and I are here to use our expertise to grow the business, raising awareness and dispelling myths that we would need to make the impossible, possible to make large scale distribution of super-premium alkaline water affordable, with a pH level that is maintained, without the use of chemicals. To be at the start of the WET story is a great privilege and we have ambitions to be at the forefront of changing the way we care for our water in the near future.”

WET Holdings (Global) has already struck a deal with waste-to-energy company Masef to turn millions of litres of water from a source in Eckington, Derbyshire, into microplastic free, super-premium alkaline water that is a better quality than mineral water, with the installation of its industrial Advanced Enhancement System (AES).

Distribution is set to begin in October 2019 once Masef has completed the construction of the UK’s largest Tetra Pak® production line: a move which guarantees that all packaging used can be recycled.

Michael Adams, chairman of WET Holdings (Global), says: “Paul and Mel joining the team has already reaped rewards with both directly involved in securing a major deal in the US and this exciting deal with Masef. The super-premium water industry is still very new, as is the technology to remove microplastics.  The difference with our system is that it is a unique augmented water enhancement system which can produce clean, fresh tasting water with a stable pH which can be set at any level up to pH 10.5, creating alkaline water without the use of antibiotics or chemicals, and which keeps the nutrients locked inside.”

For more information on Wet Holdings (Global), please visit https://wet-global.com/