Berendsen guides independent hotels to dependable and hassle-free laundry operations

Berendsen’s guide to outsourcing laundry is an invaluable resource for independent hotels keen to enhance their service offering and ensure guest satisfaction.

A comprehensive guide from leading laundry services provider Berendsen is helping independent hotels across the UK to better understand outsourcing and how it can help to better manage their linen and towels. Titled ‘Why outsourcing is the dependable option for independent hotels’, the guide is a must-read for any hotelier looking to meet the expectations of guests and secure repeat visits in the future. 

Available as a free download from the Berendsen website, the guide outlines the most important laundry considerations for hoteliers. This includes: the cost of processing laundry onsite; ensuring a high quality and reliable laundry process; and the limitations and drawbacks of operating onsite laundry facilities.

The guide clearly explains the many benefits of outsourcing laundry to an experienced specialist, such as ease of management and having access to a wide range of product and package choice. It compliments this valuable information with an extensive list of reasons why outsourcing laundry is a preferable option for hoteliers.

Commenting on the guide, Paul Swift, Business Development Manager at Berendsen UK, said: “Providing guests with clean, good quality linen and towels has never been more important for independent hotels. In fact, research we conducted into the attitudes of hotel guests revealed that a staggering 96 percent of respondents would be less likely to return to a hotel if their bed linen and towels are stained or of a poor quality, with 95 percent stating that they would tell others about their bad experience.

“As the research findings highlight, failing to meet guests’ linen expectations can be extremely detrimental to the business performance of hotels. With our guide, hoteliers learn everything they need to know about outsourcing their hotel’s laundry, and how making the decision to do so can provide a satisfactory experience to both hotel staff and guests.”

Click here to download your copy of Berendsen’s guide free of charge. Further information on outsourcing is available on the Berendsen website.