Aberdeen-made Porter’s Gin launches

A new gin launching in the UK is the first to be distilled in Aberdeen in 100 years.

The idea for Porter’s Gin came when bar owner Ben Iravani and bartender Alex Lawrence were experimenting with a rotavap whilst working at Orchid in Aberdeen. They brought businessman Josh Rennie on board and spent two years working on the recipe, having decided to create a ‘light and fresh’ gin, using vacuum-distilled botanicals to complement a London dry gin base.

The gin is made using two vaccum-distilled botanicals: Buddha’s hand, a form of citrus originating from China and northern India, and pink peppercorns. The distillates are then added to a base that’s traditionally made in a copper pot still by G&J distillers.

There’s a fresh, clean citrus juiciness on the nose, along with a good juniper structure, and a little fruity pepperiness. The palate is juniper-heavy, quite smooth, with some liquorice and nutty notes coming out. It ends in a slightly sweet finish, with notes of orange and bitter almond.

Lawrence recommended serving it simply long with tonic and a quarter of lime — ‘but just for aesthetics, there’s no need to squeeze it’, or using it in citrus-heavy cocktails.

The team aims to be a brand ‘that gives back to the industry’ and has plan to work closely with bartenders.

Porter’s Gin (RRP £33.50) is currently available directly from the brand via email, or online via Master of Malt. Wider on-trade distribution will be available soon.