Summer Drinks


Created by husband and wife duo Emily and Darius Darwell, Sipful creates 250ml, fully recyclable canned wine and canned cocktails with a conscience.  Toast celebratory moments with Organic Bubbly, Orange Mimosa, Blood Orange Mimosa and Bellini, all created using organic wine and 100% natural fruit.

Elevate your Offer with LUXLO

A new kind of spirit for a new kind of consumer: The Lower ABV, Low Calorie, Sugar Free Spirit redefining the Gin category.

There’s one category in the drinks market that is yet to have its day in the sun: Mid-proof spirits and it’s really going to challenge traditional guidelines.  Introducing LUXLO-For Gin Lovers, a category-creating spirit which delivers exactly what consumers really want; a lower ABV, lower-calorie, juniper-led spirit that is full of flavour.

Consumers encouraged to spend local gift cards to support businesses reopening

Fintech Miconex has launched a new Spend It campaign across its 60 plus Town and City Gift Card programmes in the UK and Ireland, encouraging consumers to get out and spend local gift cards to support businesses reopening after the latest lockdown.


  • HEINEKEN has launched a new, progressive, and sustainable apple cider on draught, bringing vibrancy back to mainstream apple cider and engaging younger consumers 
  • Made with 100% British apples, grown, and sourced within 40 miles of its Herefordshire mill, Inch’s goes further to do its bit for the environment, turning all apple waste into green energy
  • Perfectly balanced between sweet and dry, Inch’s has exceptional taste credentials, with four out of five 18–34-year-olds preferring the taste to that of the nearest competitor[1]*


Premium artisan sourdough brand, Jason’s Sourdough, is extending its distribution by branching out into ASDA, both stores and online from April 19th, and Ocado from 2nd May. The artisanal sourdough brand, from craft bakers, Geary’s Bakery, is spearheaded by the eponymous master baker Jason Geary, the fourth-generation family member to lead the business.

Cocktails come to the fore as consumers look to reconnect

After the On Trade opened its doors earlier this month, 44% of consumers celebrated by hitting the town, bumping overall sales up by 45% in the first week vs July 2020.[1]

European Picota cherry farmers predict excellent season

As the start of the European Picota Cherry season approaches in mid-June, the farmers who are growing this exclusive European variety are following rigorous quality control procedures that grant the Picota its DO (Denomination of Origin) status. This seal certifies its exceptional sweetness, traceability, and European quality. From the handpicking of each individual cherry to its unique health benefits, the sustainable and traditional production of the Jerte Picota cherry is an example of European fruit production at its finest.

It’s a Date: Why Dates are Eaten at Ramadan & Tasty Recipes

This year, Ramadan will be celebrated 12th April until the 12th May. Ramadan is an Islamic tradition where Muslims over the age of around 14 don’t eat or drink when it is light. When it is dark, followers of the religion will end their fast and eat and drink. Fasting teaches Muslims self-discipline and to be considerate of the poor who might go without food – they are encouraged to spend more time with their family and friends, pray, and give up bad habits.

How to Get Your Hospitality Business in Touch with the Low Touch Economy

After months of difficulty, uncertainty, and a precarious balancing act at the edge of business survival, the UK’s hospitality sector may finally be seeing the sun break through the storm clouds. Chancellor Rishi Sunak brought welcome news for the suffering sector with a VAT cut for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses within hospitality. Cutting the tax from 20 per cent to five per cent will build a much-needed buffer for many companies’ pandemic-ailing profits, and a new scheme to encourage customers to said businesses is set to save many in the industry.

This Sense Has Made Us the Most Nostalgic in Lockdown

The pandemic has undoubtedly affected every aspect of our life. But it has also influenced things like company branding, makeup and fashion choices, the music we listen to, and the food we’re cooking, to list but a few. One thing all of these choices have in common is how many of us are using them as roads down memory lane. As a result of the pandemic, we’ve become fixated with nostalgia. We’re seeing nostalgia in everything, and we’re guessing it’s because of the strange year we’ve had.

Fine Dining & Eating Sustainably From Botswana To South Of France

Crillon Le Brave, Introduces A New Chef And Delicious Local Delicacies 

James Cochran launches the St Vincent Volcano Relief fund to raise £10k following the eruption of La Soufriere on April 9

James Cochran, Chef-owner of fine-dining restaurant, 12:51 & Around the Cluck, and two time Great British Menu champion, looks to raise £10,000 to donate to St Vincent through £1 donated from every wine sale in partnership with restaurants he looks to for support, a limited edition St Vincent & the Grenadine Burger at Around the Cluck and auction.

London Revealed as the UK’s Best Rested City

Sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. However, one Wellbeing Report found that two-thirds of UK adults suffered from disrupted sleep, while one-third of people believe they have insomnia. Now, with contributing and increasing factors such as anxiety during the pandemic, new data reveals the cities where in the UK people are the most likely to get natural and undisturbed sleep.