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Hotel Technologies


Introducing the HW5, a Qi wireless charging Bluetooth audio bedside stereo alarm clock with speakerphone. With two high-powered USB ports and a wireless charging pad, guests can charge up to three devices at once. Alarms are easy to set and the Single Day Alarm feature means they won’t be disturbed by the previous guests’ settings.


The iHome HBN22 Bluetooth clock radio is the ultimate hotel bedside amenity. Featuring a 10W USB port for a rapid charge and 5W USB port, guests can charge two devices at once. They may stream their music wirelessly and with NFC technology, connecting to Bluetooth is a tap away. Set an alarm, listen to FM radio, and take phone calls all from this space-saving clock radio.

For more information, contact: Jacob Betesh at [email protected],  888-74HOTEL, ext.235,

Cool and Fresh – Six ice types from DC Products

Classic Ice

Solid cubes of crystalline ice that cool quickly and melt slowly. Suitable for: nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, healthcare industries, educational facilities, hotels and supermarkets.

12 Icemaker models available.


Bob Pease, CEO/president of the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, reports on the latest figures for the American craft brewing industry in 2019

“The Brewers Association recently completed its annual survey of 5,500+ brewery members used to measure the performance of the U.S. craft brewing industry.   In 2019, small and independent American craft brewers collectively produced 26.3 million barrels of beer (30.8 million hectolitres) and realised just under 4% total growth, taking craft’s overall beer market share by volume to 13.6%.