GOLDBERG & SONS launches Premium Cola

GOLDBERG & SONS, the premium filler brand, has launched its own cola taste with the introduction of GOLDBERG Premium Cola. With a careful selection of ingredients, the new Premium Cola is perfectly crafted to enhance the taste of dark premium spirits in cocktails such as Cuba Libre or Whisky Cola.

For decades, cola has been one of the most sought-after soft drink flavors globally, with a secret formula comprising carbonation, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, citrus oils, and caffeine. It’s the perfect balance of these ingredients that creates the beloved cola taste.

Despite this, GOLDBERG Premium Cola was not developed according to the classic cola formula. The brand used specially selected ingredients to achieve a harmonious blend with dark premium spirits. The new Premium Cola is pleasantly sweet, without being overpowering, and features a delicate hint of cinnamon that perfectly complements whiskey or rum. Like all GOLDBERG products, the Premium Cola has a high carbon dioxide content of 10gr/litre, providing a refreshing, effervescent taste. Additionally, the caffeine content offers a much-needed energy boost for long nights.

“Our GOLDBERG Premium Cola is the result of intensive research and development and we are proud to say that we have managed to set ourselves apart from the modern competition with GOLDBERG Premium Cola, but still offer a popular flavour profile.” Sabrina Ramchen, Senior Brand Manager Filler & Mixer at MBG.

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