WAMI is an Italian water brand with a twist, aiming to make a difference to millions of people who lack access to clean, accessible water. Its mission is to turn the ordinary act of drinking water into something extraordinary by providing 100 liters of water to people in need every time a product is purchased. As of July 2020, WAMI water is available in aluminum cans from Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East, further advancing the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact in the world thanks to the package format’s infinite recyclability and ability to remain within the material loop.

Available in 0.44cl size, the cans are a product of the vision of WAMI CEO Giacomo Stefanini, whose belief is that working on packaging sustainability is a key area of focus – particularly as the B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) company looks to expand its reach into the restaurant and bar trades. They have a minimal but striking design and feature the WAMI logo on a predominantly white surface alongside brushstroke effect graphics in green for natural and blue for sparkling.

A QR code, which is integrated into the design and decoration of the can, enables consumers to discover exact details of where their contribution has made a difference – sometimes identifying the individual family that received the water. Most live in isolated rural areas and need to walk long distances to retrieve drinkable water for the survival of their families.

Stefanini commented: “We see our product as consistent with a contemporary vision of the restaurant business. A business which is more and more aware of the need to create a sustainable alternative to our patterns of consumption, but also focused on product design. That is why we wanted to make our can an icon of style, allowing restaurants and bars to show their customers how proud they are to be part of the WAMI Community.”

Veronique Curulla, Marketing & Business Development Director at Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East said: “We are honored to have worked with WAMI on  this project. Metal was a natural choice for the packaging substrate since its source materials are abundant and inherently circular. It is well known that once metal enters the material-to-material loop, where it gets recycled again and again, it will always be available for future use and maintain its properties forever. At Crown, we aim to build on this strong foundation and continue to educate consumers about the sustainable qualities of metal. Having an ambassador such as WAMI ensures the success of our sustainability message reaching far across the globe.”

Today, WAMI water in cans are available exclusively in Italy through restaurants, bistros and cafes at the moment. Africa is the primary area of focus in terms of the aid WAMI provides, given the continent’s ongoing struggle to provide fresh drinking water to all who live there. To date, 44 projects have been completed in five different countries – Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Sri Lanka and Ecuador. The WAMI philosophy is to ‘buy one, give one’, and as a result of the company’s efforts, approximately 11,070 people have access to clean water both today and in the future.

About Crown Holdings, Inc.

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About WAMI

WAMI is a brand with a mission: to transform daily actions into extraordinary enterprises. What does it mean? With each bottle and can you guarantee 100 liters of drinking water to communities that still do not have access to it. On each bottle you will find a code: insert it on www.wa-mi.org and discover the stories of the family you gave water to.