The Spirit Lab is raising standards in the bar industry by providing professional bar tending training.

The Spirit Lab was created by Emanuele and there is a team of talented and experienced tutors who deliver the fantastic courses to their alumni.

The academy was opened in early 2014 and the Bartending School offers top quality professional training to make students a world class bartender in order to achieve professional fulfilment and salary remuneration.

The Spirit Lab trainers are top of the range professionals with extensive experience in some of the world’s top establishments. Each of the tutors have more than 10 years’ experience in high-end bars, private members clubs or luxury hotels around the globe. Emanuele has personally have been involved in hospitality on and off for about 12 years and worked in several UK operations as well as in Asia pacific

The Spirit Lab has been set up in order to raise bar standards throughout the world and get it back to the glorious past image of bartending by leveraging on a never-ending fundamental component: THE BARTENDER!

When asked why he opened the Spirit Lab Emanuele says “I saw a gap in the market due to the fact that nowadays bar staff are either not given the necessary know how to start a career in the industry or are kept isolated and limited in terms of the knowledge they can learn in a specific venue. This is not because owner/managers are not passionate or knowledgeable enough, but because there is always less time to allocate to this kind of task and always more compelling things to do.”

The Spirit Lab is a Professional bartending school in London which offers Basic and Advanced courses, bar and brand consultancy, job placement assistance, level 1 diploma in spirit through our partner WSET (which is recognized in 60 countries globally).

  • The “Foundation” course or otherwise known as the international mixology course is aimed at beginners as well as developing Bartenders.


  • The “Professional course” or otherwise known as the Advance molecular course is aimed at solid Bartenders with 3+ years of experience.

They both run for 1 full week (35 Hours approximately) and the objective is to equip professional alumni with the level of mixology needed for a career progression or simply for a desire of expanding horizon in cocktail making.

A professional diploma is provided at the end of every level and because The Spirit Lab are an approved partner of WSET, students can decide to take a further exam in order to gain the Level 1 Award in Spirit which is recognized in 60 countries globally.

In terms of consultancy for spirit brands or bars they adopt a bespoke service on case by case project. This can go from a simple menu design to a full in-house training to staff recruitment to push a product to market etc.

The Spirit Lab the head office is located in a brand new building right in Piccadilly Circus in which they sometimes host the theoretical aspect of the course, however the practicing facility is located in the heart of the cool and Hipster east London at Old Street. In this prestigious location, their state of the art bar has 4 stations equipped with all the necessary tools, glassware, top shelf spirits and machinery required by the industry today. All these elements aim to mould professional bartenders with the skills and confidence to work in the best establishments in the world.

Who is the Spirit Lab ideally for? Emanuele says “I pretty much aim the course towards people who want to start working in a bar for several reasons (earning money while they are at university or to sustain the gap year travelling, choosing this as a career path and want to build up foundations etc) or people who are already bartenders and want to expand knowledge and horizon of bars who haven’t got time and resources to do full training and need a 3rd party to carry out the work”

He continues “I believe we are special because we do provide a very familiar and consultative approach from start to finish. We look after every single student and we make classes of maximum 8 in order to spend time with every single one of them.”

And with a string of alumni who have gone on to secure jobs in leading bars and hotels, the Spirit Lab is increasingly becoming the choice for hiring managers to pick staff from, which is why at Eat Drink Sleep we are actively promoting the work The Spirit Lab have done and are continuing to do.



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