Earn your Easter Egg: How to balance the chocolate calories this weekend

With Easter just around the corner, around 90 million Easter eggs will change hands across the UK this weekend – and who can resist a nibble? 

Good news! The calorie experts at Nutracheck explain how you can enjoy a chocolatey treat without your diet going out of the window.

Emma Brown, Nutracheck nutritionist, says: “There’s no need to miss out over Easter. Most people generally consume 200-300 calories a day on a couple of snacks, whether it’s a bag of crisps, couple of biscuits or a cereal bar.

“All you have to do is substitute these snack calories for any of your Easter favourite treats – or work out the time it takes to burn off those Easter calories with a brisk walk or jog – and there’s no need to feel guilty at all.

 “A Cadbury’s Crècreme eggme Egg  – the UK’s most popular egg – contains 177 calories. It takes a brisk 40 minute walk to burn this off (or a 15 minute run if you’re feeling energetic!). Treat yourself to a mini crème egg, and you’ll need to walk for around 10 minutes to burn the 50 calories.

“Calorie counting is all about balancing – not banning – foods. If you have a treat, just adjust what you eat elsewhere in the day. If your usual snack is a cereal bar, that alone can contain over 200 calories – more than a crème egg! In this case, you would be saving calories, which is even better!”

  • The UK’s first chocolate Easter egg was produced by Fry’s of Bristol in 1873
  • The average child will get 8.8 chocolate Easter eggs – double their calorie allowance for a whole week
  • The UK chocolate Easter Egg market is worth more than £220 million
  • Over 500 million Cadbury Crème Eggs are made every year with about two thirds of them staying in the UK

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