Food and drink businesses in the UK are finding mobile apps aren’t only increasing revenue, but nine out of ten also believe they help them look good in the eyes of their customers.

The research comes from build-your-own app provider, whose customer base includes restaurants, cafes and bars across the UK. Nearly 1,000 businesses were surveyed.

Although improved perception is the most popular outcome of investing in a mobile app, an impressive 77% of users in the food and drink sector say having an app has had a positive effect on their bottom line and 13% claim it makes their customers happier.

43% of Appsme clients in this sector say having an app has improved customer engagement, through the use of tools like push notifications, digital loyalty cards and having a presence on the customer’s mobile device.

Nick Barnett, CEO at said: “According to the latest research from Ofcom 93% of UK adults own a mobile phone and 61% own a smartphone. Add to that the fact that the same research shows adults spend more time on their smartphone than reading print, listening to the radio or even using a desktop or laptop computer, it should be clear that it’s important for businesses to have a presence on their customer’s mobile. It’s not just about having a great app – businesses need to use them effectively, making use of powerful marketing tools like geo-messaging and push notifications.

“It’s great to hear that customers are seeing a direct financial advantage from investing in a mobile app with compelling returns on their investment. However, it’s also worth noting that mobile app marketing can have other business benefits, such as improved customer perception and enhanced customer engagement.”