The Science Behind Your Morning Coffee – the rijo42 Machines making it all possible

You take it for granted, you need it to kick start your day, but have you ever considered the science that goes into your morning coffee?

UK based coffee supplier rijo42 has been a market leader in the industry since its inception over 25 years ago. Providing the UK with state of the art coffee machines, rijo42 has built up a healthy client base of businesses and of homeowners who rely on their coffee beans to kick start their day.

But what makes rijo42’s coffee machine brew, taste so good?

rijo42 relies upon innovative Swiss technology in every single one of its coffee machines and uses its own coffee beans and ingredients to create its brew.

Using this technology, the company produces 5,000 bean to cup machines per year and each one will produce on average 25,000 cups of top quality coffee.

Simon Caple, a senior member of the company’s Service Team, reveals more about the technology behind each machine.

“Our Swiss suppliers produce each rijo42 machine with the best precision tools currently available on the market and have worked with us to modify machines to meet the needs of our UK customers.

“Once shipped into our factory in the North West, we check and configure each one to the customers bespoke settings.”

However, it is the superior components in each machine that sets them apart from rijo42’s competitors, as Caple explained:

“The grinder in each coffee machine guarantees 1,000,000 grinds. We use a traditional pump which delivers a constant 10bar of pressure through the coffee. In contrast, other bean-to-cup machines use a small vibration pump, which we found are often inconsistent.

“Our machines are built using a stainless steel chassis, which won’t rust or deteriorate. They include a large waste container, which can deliver over 100 drinks without interruption, other similar sized machines can only offer 30-40.

“Finally, our machines include flash heaters which hold only 70ml of water; this allows the machine to only heat the necessary amount of water, making it one of the most efficient machines on the market.”

rijo42’s attention to detail ensures its bean-to-cup coffee machines are the best on the market, according to the company’s Director Luis Nino.

“We live in a society in which free time is commonly taken away from us by something of higher priority, meaning that our eating and drinking habits have become more ‘on the go’.

“rijo42 has strived to make the coffee produced by our machines taste of the same high quality as traditional brew. We have used the best technology available and scoured the earth for the finest coffee beans.”