This popular Vietnamese restaurant is turning its entire menu gluten-free from 13th-19th May 

May 2024: This week is National Coeliac Awareness Week, and London’s favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho, is going the extra mile. The much-loved street food spot, which prides itself on quality, value and inclusivity, will be turning their entire menu gluten free (London Bridge site) to raise awareness around inclusivity when dining out, and the challenges Brits are facing.

Coeliac disease is a condition that affects at least 1 in every 100 people in the UK, and it’s reported that there are still 500,000 people in the UK estimated to be living with undiagnosed coeliac disease.

Following a study conducted by Pho last month, it’s reported that an astonishing 2 in 5 Brits get food intolerance symptoms, and over half (55%) of Brits who believe they have a food intolerance, agreed that there aren’t enough accessible or varied options when it comes to eating out. Pho is striving to break these taboos through raising awareness of its gluten-free offering, and cementing itself as one of the most accessible, healthy and exciting choices for those dining out – for all.

Between 13th – 19th May, their London Bridge restaurant will see a coeliac-takeover, where the ever-trending ‘gluten free hotties’ will be able to dine out freely, without spending hours on end scanning the menu for what they are or are not allowed to eat, (or worrying about the aftermath!).

Not only is Pho’s menu 98% gluten-free all year round, with an accreditation by the official Coeliac UK society for over nine years, but they’re one of the few nationwide restaurant groups where you can enjoy a nutritious, balanced, delicious meal without the restrictions.  With over 40 restaurants in the UK, Pho is the ultimate spot for those with some of the most commonly rising food intolerances in the UK.

Walking into any Pho restaurant is a multi-sensory experience, with the vibrant decor and the scents of their signature 12-hour simmered bone broths and freshly cut herbs. The entire menu is packed full of fresh ingredients, providing all the essential vitamins and nutrients, offering a balanced diet for everyone, with a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives too.

Earlier this month, Pho also teamed up with celebrity coeliac queen – Megan Mckenna, (HERE) to raise awareness around National Coeliac Awareness Month. Megan, who has coeliac disease, is widely known for creating food content and recipes on social media, and has also released her own gluten-free cookbook. She has long been raising awareness around this, and was even a finalist on Celebrity Masterchef where she highlighted her gluten-free creations.

Megan said: “Until this month I hadn’t been to Pho, and I was genuinely blown away by how many safe options there were for me, and with the quality of food. For someone like me, I am constantly struggling to find places to eat out that accommodate for restrictive diets – but with Pho, there is no compromise on taste or quality – I’m honestly obsessed, and counting down the days until I go back! I’ve got to shout out the chicken curry noodle soup, as this was just 10/10 all day long.”


Pho London Bridge will offer a 100% gluten-free menu between 13th – 19th May to mark National Coeliac Awareness Week, bookings are available online and walk-ins are welcome. To find out more please visit: