Sommet Education unveils new step in strategic digital expansion with Online Executive Certificates

Sommet Education, an international leader in hospitality management education, has unveiled a new step in its strategic digital expansion initiative.

Focused on elevating executive and lifelong learning, the group has introduced a range of innovative online executive certificates to meet professionals’ evolving needs and enhance their expertise across diverse industries, which are available through Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches starting next month.

The surge in digital education represents a transformative shift in the global learning landscape, driven by advancements in technology and evolving demands in the job market. As highlighted in 2023 research by Markets and Markets, the sector is on a trajectory of explosive growth, with the market size projected to soar from USD 19.4 billion to USD 67.8 billion by 2028, reflecting an impressive compound annual growth rate of 28%. This expansion underlines the increasing preference among learners for flexible, accessible, and skill-focused educational solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their professional lives.

In response, Sommet Education has launched a new vertical business focused on digital learning to leverage the expertise and capabilities of each brand within the organisation in program development and delivery. The goal is for Sommet Education to establish itself as the leading provider in online hospitality education. So, in line with the establishment of its E-Academy in 2023, a cutting-edge platform dedicated to delivering high-quality education, Sommet Education has further enhanced its commitment to providing specialised and impactful learning experiences for professionals eager to advance their expertise.

Focusing on online executive certificates, Sommet Education offers targeted and intensive learning opportunities tailored to meet the unique demands of today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment. With an expert-led curriculum, the certificates underscore the dedication to promoting career advancement and lifelong learning in the digital age. This innovative program accommodates professionals seeking to attain strategic positions and specialise in their field, facilitating a seamless integration of studies with their professional commitments through a part-time digital program.

As a result, eight online executive certificates, available through both Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches, have been carefully curated to address a broad spectrum of themes essential for professional growth and success. These certificates cater to individuals eager to enhance their skills in areas such as general management, luxury and hospitality. They span over a concise two-week duration with a commitment of 16-24 hours per week, and are tailored to seamlessly integrate into the hectic routines of working individuals.

Employing a fully online format, learners will enjoy unrestricted access to course materials and engaging interactive sessions. Participants will engage with faculty experts, gaining real-world insights. Peer interactions enrich the learning journey, exchanging ideas and best practices across diverse backgrounds, fostering networking and professional growth. Successful completion grants certificates from the prestigious institutions of Glion and Les Roches.

With multiple intakes scheduled throughout the year, and opportunities to enrol in May, June, October and November 2024, Sommet Education aims to democratise access to high-quality education while addressing the increasing demand for short-term, skill-focused learning opportunities. The launch of these online executive certificates’ emphasises the group’s commitment to supporting career development and growth, particularly in the post-Covid era where flexible learning options are paramount.


Mike Lambert, CEO of Sommet Education Digital Learning, said: “Our new suite of online executive certificates addresses the modern demand for ongoing skills enhancement, enabling individuals to navigate the digital economy with proficiency. This initiative reinforces Sommet Education’s leadership within executive online learning.”

Christophe Julliard, Chief Revenue Officer, commented: “Sommet Education’s strategic digital expansion responds to the urgent need for continuous upskilling in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Through innovative digital technologies and pedagogical methods, we empower professionals to excel in an increasingly competitive global environment.”


The newly-launched certificates are:




Les Roches