Restaurant designs that bring in more customers

There is a lot to consider when designing a restaurant, especially in a fast-paced and competitive market. Everything from cuisine and drinks to ambiance and décor is a big decision. There are many different types of restaurant out there but here are some design ideas that might help you to bring in more customers.


Visuals are everything in the restaurant business so putting detailed attention into your entrance will pay off. You want your establishment to invite passers-by off the street and your entrance is the first glimpse that they get of what awaits them inside. Your exterior signage shows potential customers who you are and what you are about so working on your branding is key here.

You then need to consider what you want to offer outside your entrance. An awning provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor seating to increase visual impact. A lit-up sign goes a long way on darker evenings to attract visitors.


The aesthetic of your restaurant is what will first draw in customers, so you want it to be cohesive throughout the interior. Finding the right colour scheme will largely depend on the overall vibe and concept of your restaurant. If you’re going for fine dining, then a darker colour palette can evoke feelings of sophistication and romance.

For casual nibbles and trendy restaurants, green and earthy tones pair nicely for a warm and contemporary feel. There are so many colour pallets from which to choose but you need to consider how you want customers to feel in your establishment, alongside the message that you want your brand to convey.


When designing your restaurant layout, you’ll benefit from taking a consultative approach and focusing on functionality. Configuration of seating, kitchen and facility areas like washrooms will allow the organised circulation of staff and customers to maximise efficiency.

It’s a good idea to gain some knowledge of current building regulations to ensure that your restaurant is compliant when it comes to aspects like fire safety. Identifying the right restaurant insurance will likely be a part of these considerations as you’ll want to have an idea of your plans to both prevent problems and react to them.


Your menu will largely tie in with your restaurant theme but should accommodate a variety of customers. The aim should be for your offerings to be fresh and exciting without being overcomplicated, so you’ll want to develop your menu concept early on to find the best balance for your establishment. The next step is to investigate your supply chain and make a core list of ingredients.

You should offer an extensive menu to suit all age groups and include new specials alongside old reliable dishes. Options for vegetarians and vegans can open up a whole new market, too. Allergens such as gluten should also be taken into consideration.