ERDINGER Alkoholfrei launches trade promotion to support its sporting rituals campaign

The campaign focuses on the rituals that people observe before and after sport, with consumer activation supported by POS kits to enable operators to drive sales during the promotional period. The launch of the campaign follows the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon on 14th May, for which ERDINGER Alkoholfrei was a proud sponsor, with the kits going into trade later in June. 

Peter Gowans, ERDINGER UK Country Manager explained “The ERDINGER Alkoholfrei team noticed that whenever you do something regularly you get into certain habits, which we see even more so at the active tour events that we support. Preparation for leisure or competitive sport takes on additional importance, as getting things right can put you in the best frame of mind or even give you a competitive edge. But whilst there are many rituals before sport – kissing a lucky charm, putting kit on in a particular order, listening to favourite music and so on – there really is only one ritual after sport. 

“Thousands of professional and amateur athletes reach for a drink of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, the sporty thirst quencher, after they complete their competition event or training programme. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei’s isotonic properties help to replace lost fluids quickly and it also contains valuable nutrients including the essential vitamins folic acid (B9) and B12, which help reduce tiredness and contribute to the normal function of the immune system.” 

Originally launched in Germany, ‘Your Ritual After Sport’ has struck a chord with professional athletes and enthusiastic leisure sports participants alike. It profiles the many rituals people have before taking part in sport and celebrates post exercise relaxation with an ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, your ritual after sport.  

“As a healthy and active lifestyle becomes more commonplace the habits that people acquire in their leisure time and sporting activity is increasingly integrated into their everyday life” continued Gowans “and drinking a refreshing ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is transferring to many wider occasions through purchase to drink in bars and restaurants.  

“With ERDINGER Alkoholfrei recognised as ‘your ritual after sport’ we are now asking consumers to think about their rituals before sport and share their images with us on social media. The POS kits include glassware, bar runners, drip mats and tent cards, and will raise awareness of the campaign and help drive rate of sale by encouraging drinkers to get involved.”  

For stocking queries, please contact Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Co at and to watch the campaign video visit Your Ritual After Sport: ERDINGER Alkoholfrei – YouTube