Restaurant Trends for 2023 by Alliance

With the year beginning and businesses looking ahead to the year to come, we at Alliance Online have spent the first month formulating what the trends of 2023 will most likely look like.

Authentic African

Our first trend for 2023 is Authentic African which we predict will feature earthy and rustic tones heavily along with ceramic textures. Mixed amongst these colours will be pops of more vibrant shades of pink, greens and blues. Regarding the presentation, the general ambience will be a communal dining atmosphere with a “serve yourself” ethos. The idea for this stems from the notion that in African culture dining together is an occasion to be celebrated so expect this feeling to be reflected too.

Crockery which can help you obtain this look include Steelite’s Forager which has already found great popularity since its launch along with their Craft Raspberry for a pop of colour. To inject blue tones, we’d suggest either Emerge from Churchill or the new turquoise colourway of Dudson Harvest.

Easygoing Australian

Our Australian trend prediction is based upon the increasing popularity of casual dining although there will still be an element of premium quality in the way the food is presented. The food itself will be a fusion of Anglo-American and Asian cuisine as is popular in Australia due to its country history and geographical positioning. The colours we expect to see are relaxed soft colours with natural hues and materials.

If you are looking to add an Australian infusion to your casual dining atmosphere the following ranges are great ways of doing so; Churchill Studio Prints has two new ranges (Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accents) which both lend themselves to this trend. Furthermore, Utopia also have two fantastic ranges in the form of Allium and Murra Toffee.

Contemporary Luxury

Understandably, luxury dining is always popular, especially in highend city centre locations but we predict the contemporary luxury trend for this year will mainly focus on premium whiteware with accents of monochromatic colour and nouveau patterns.

A brilliant option which is perfect in contemporary and luxury settings is the Red Dot Award winning Willow range from Steelite. A full and complete selection of crockery which will easily perform to the highest commercial standard whilst still looking stunning. A fantastic pairing for this range is Elia’s Premara 18/10 cutlery range which exudes excellence and elegance.

Avant-Garde Cocktails

Finally, we come to our last trend and it follows on from one of 2022s big winners, cocktails. Last year cocktails came back with a vengeance, possibly due to the prolonged popularity the resurgence in gin has had along with rum also beginning to also come back into national favour. For glass styles we would recommend high-end, sophisticated options with hints of contemporary design.

Utopia’s recent offering of new products lend themselves perfectly for promoting the avant-garde trend within your restaurant. These include Alkemist, Hayworth, Hayworth Twisted and Praline which all can help elevate the visual of any cocktail.

For all the ranges and trends mentioned in this article go to Alliance Online where you can find all for sale. If you want to discuss the trends or ranges with one of our experienced staff members call us on 01270 252 333 or email us on [email protected].