Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping Before Exams: Tips from Experts

All students have to pass exams sooner or later. They make a logical summary of the knowledge and skills you have gained during a certain period of time. It is not easy to prepare for them, and they are followed by a lot of stress. Yet, there are various approaches that help to enjoy success. For example, you should give heed to your eating, drinking, and sleeping.

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What Should Be Eaten?

We know about a lot of products that can help students while they pass their exams. They have various health benefits that improve memory, concentration, thinking, and so on. Check the next list of products and their benefits for learners:

  • Fatty Fish. It improves the health of your brain and memory.
  • Gum. If you chew gum, you increase your alertness by 10%, and it helps to perform better.
  • Coffee. By drinking coffee, you boost alertness and concentration.
  • Dark Chocolate. Thanks to this tasty food, you can improve your memory and focus.
  • Green Tea. When you drink green tea, you increase your memory capacity, performance, and alertness.
  • Good Fats. They help to improve the power of your brain and thinking.
  • Vegetables. Greens improve focus and thinking.
  • Fruits. These provide energy to your brain and sustain your immune system.
  • Whole grains. If you eat them regularly, you will nourish your brain with more energy and make it more concentrated.
  • Protein. When you consume foods rich in protein, you supply your brain with new energy.

Try to add all these products to your weekly ratio. Be sure to consume some of them every day. It’s a great way to improve the functioning of your brain and be more focused on the upcoming exams.

Tips on Drinking

There is nothing complicated about memorizing drinking regimes. An adult man should drink at least 3.7 liters of pure water every day. It makes 15.5 cups. An adult woman should drink 2.7 liters, which makes 11.5 cups. Of course, the numbers may differ. Some experts claim that you need to drink a bit more. Nonetheless, we have mentioned the minimum.

Water helps to avoid dehydration and medical drawbacks that can be followed. For example, staying hydrated helps to avoid problems with the liver, and kidneys, some heart ailments, thyroid disease, spasms, and so on.  It is important to drink pure water and avoid such drinks as:

  • Alcohol;
  • Soda;
  • Sugar juices.

What Should Be Avoided?

There are certain foods and products you’d better avoid. Especially if this is the night before the test. Make allowances for the next list:

  • Alcohol;
  • Fried foods;
  • Canned foods;
  • Too many carbohydrates;
  • Foods with low calories;
  • Sugary juices and sodas.

It is vital to avoid new food you have never tasted before. You do not know the way your stomach will react to it.

Sleep Well

Many students overwork and thus exhaust themselves because they do not sleep enough. Thus, youngsters can get:

  • Easily and frequently tired;
  • Irritable;
  • Aggressive;
  • Moody;
  • Unfocused;
  • Inattentive, etc.

A healthy slumber should last from 8 to 11 hours every day. Nonetheless, 8 hours is the minimum for you.

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