Just Launched ….Energy-ION H2

Not Just a Water Ioniser – an Effective Molecular Hydrogen Generator. Molecular Hydrogen is important for Immune Support and to counteract Accelerated Aging.

The Energy Ion-H2 is a premium water ioniser, purification and molecular hydrogen water generator for your kitchen. It produces alkaline, antioxidant water with a molecular hydrogen content of up to 1,500 parts per billion and maximises the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) down to -530mV. The ORP is an indication of antioxidant value. 

The system has 5 settings of increasing alkalinity which correlates with increasing molecular hydrogen concentration. At the highest level you will be able to generate approximately 1,500ppb of molecular hydrogen which is a great infusion of this tiny and powerful antioxidant. 

“Research has now confirmed that the primary benefit is due to the release of molecular hydrogen rather than purely increases in alkalinity. In fact the research on molecular hydrogen is becoming particularly interesting for a whole raft of health issues. Over the last few years Water for Health has trialled many products that did not meet the criteria they were looking for.” 

Says Roddy McDonald founder and director of Water for Health UK and UK distributor of Energy – ION H2.  

Over the last decade there has been a significant amount of research published on the health benefits of molecular hydrogen. Much of that research has been on the usage of molecular hydrogen dissolved in water. Therapeutic benefits have been found in concentrations as low as 200 parts per billion.* There is now increasing scientific interest throughout the world on this powerful antioxidant, since oxidative stress is a major component of degenerative disease and accelerated aging. 

There are several reasons why people get benefit from molecular hydrogen. It helps to counteract oxidative stress, which is believed to be the underlying cause of much of our plague of degenerative diseases and also contributes to accelerated aging. It is known to help boost energy levels and has been appreciated this past year for those struggling to recover from Covid infection. 

Some years ago Water For Health supplied electronic water ionisers, however they stopped. They felt a lot of the benefits that were being extolled could not be fully justified by the science. Secondly the prices rocketed, largely due to many of the suppliers moving towards multi level marketing models.  

Roddy adds: 

“One of our concerns was to get a system which was more affordable in comparison to what is currently available and without any compromise in quality. We believe we have achieved that. It is built in Korea (not China) by a company that has invested significantly in the development of molecular hydrogen products.” 

See more details here: www.water-for-health.co.uk/home-water-ionizer.html 

Eat. Drink. Sleep

Eat. Drink. Sleep