Food Study Reveals: Least calorific European summer dishes!

  • Salată de roșii, a Romanian tomato salad, is the European summer dish with the lowest calories – approximately 36 per serving
  • The country with the lowest overall average calories per summer dish is Greece
  • The most popular type of salad is the Potato Salad!

In the heat of summer, universally we tend to want cooler, lighter and healthier meals. So which summer dish has the lowest calories?

Intrigued in finding low calorie summer dishes, collated a list of the top 50 most popular summer dishes in Europe and ranked them according to the nutritional value of each dish. *

Low calorie dishes can reveal that the summer dish with the lowest calories is the Salată de roșii.

Salată de roșii, a simple Romanian tomato salad, takes the crown for lowest calories (36). However, it is also relatively low in all other forms of nutrition with only 0.3g of fat, 1.7g of protein and 7.3g of carbs.

Closely followed by the Greeks, Horta (53.8 calories), with just 2g of fat, 3.5g of protein and 8.5g of carbs.

Finally, the Spanish rice salad, Ensalada Sevillana; with 57 calories per portion with 2g of fat, 3g protein and 8g of carbs.

The least calorific countries

Comparing the countries’ dishes overall, found that Greek salads on average have just 123.5 calories. Furthermore, the Greek dishes averages for fat (7.2g), protein (3.5g) and carbohydrate content ((carbs) 13.5g) are all also relatively low.

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Norway is second, only 8.7 calories away from the top spot with an average 132.2 calories per dish. The average dish contains 9.6g of fat, 7.8g of carbs, and has the lowest average protein content with just 1.3g.

Taking third place is Poland with an average of 136.1 calories and ranks towards the lower mid-range for all other nutritional content; fat (7.7g), protein (4.3g), carbs (14.1g).

Information on high calorie dishes (such as the below) can be found in the data set:

  • Huzarensalade claims the title with 547 calories. This Dutch potato salad also comes out on top with the highest fat content with 2g.
  • Not too far behind is, Panzanella Salad, consisting mainly of bread, with2 calories (7.4g of fat and 5.3g of carbs). It also contains a whopping 94.5g of protein – The highest of all dishes!
  • With only one dish in the top 50 (Huzarensalade), the Netherlands has the highest average calorie content with 547 calories!


  1. com sought to determine the healthiest European summer dish. The study used an internal database of 12,000 dishes and obtained an additional dataset from Food Popularity Index Taste Atlas, to collate a suitable seed list for the healthiest European summer dishes.
  2. The seed list was then filtered to focus upon salads, a universal summer meal option, and further refined by country to focus the study – by using the top 20 countries with the highest GDP in 2020. These countries were selected using statistics website Statista.
  3. Recipe Database, RecipeDB, was utilised to collect the nutritional values of the top 50 most available and recurring dishes.
  4. Each dish was ranked according to nutritional content.

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