The Avocado Show Expands its Green Future with 19 New Franchise Locations Across UK & Europe ​

  • The Avocado Show, the world’s first all-avocado franchise, is set to open new restaurants in Madrid, London and Paris in the coming six months.
  • The brand behind Pretty Healthy Food has signed 19 franchise locations, with further expansion across the UK and Europe already in progress.

The Avocado Show has today unveiled plans to open restaurants in Madrid, London and Paris over the coming months and announced the signing of 19 new franchise locations across the UK and Europe.

As the world’s most talked about all-avocado restaurant concept and brand, The Avocado Show has rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon – renowned for its signature “Pretty Healthy Food”: a selection of visually stunning and delicious dishes made with love from sustainable avocados.

The avo-focused franchise’s European, UK and global expansion is set to kick off with the opening of a brand-new The Avocado Show restaurant at Calle Colmenares 13, 28004, in Madrid, Spain, by the end of October.

Founded by Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal, two long-time friends who share a passion for food and fun, The Avocado Show began with a simple mission: to bring joy to avocado lovers. They accomplished it by bringing the exquisite flavours of their favourite superfood to life, with each dish on the menu styled like a little work of edible art.

The first restaurant opened to immediate and widespread acclaim after its announcement went viral thanks to media coverage in over 60 countries, helping spread the word to avocado-lovers all over the world and racking up hundreds of millions of views without a single advertisement. To date, The Avocado Show global Instagram account has attracted nearly 150,000 followers.

As the fanbase grew, The Avocado Show expanded its product range too, launching a successful cookbook, merchandise collection, a Hologram Menu app, its own line of Avocado Fries and even filming a documentary about sustainability in its supply chain. The latter was created in collaboration with The Avocado Show’s main supply chain partner, Nature’s Pride – which provides the bulk of The Avocado Show’s eat-ripe, 100% sustainably sourced avocados every day.

Triggered by unprecedented demand and franchise requests that began to roll in before the first location even opened its doors, expansion was all but certain. In 2018, The Avocado Show first ventured into international markets with the opening of its first franchise location in Brussels. The brand’s success in Belgium cemented further expansion plans and laid the foundation for its Spanish, UK and French deals.

Commenting on the brand’s ongoing international expansion, Ron Simpson, Founder of The Avocado Show, said, “We are very excited to see our dream becoming a reality in all these amazing new markets and are happy to have found these great partners to work with and are looking forward to establishing The Avocado Show across the globe as a socially responsible and profitable venture that will bring joy to avo lovers for years to come.”


With an exciting and jam-packed year ahead, The Avocado Show team has also set its sights on expansion into the Nordic, German and other European markets in the very near future. The addition of more UK locations is on the horizon too, as the brand’s goal of serving avo lovers in cool cities all over the world gathers pace.


As this exciting food concept continues to spread across the globe, The Avocado Show is looking for like-minded franchisees to join its adventure. The team’s goal is to create lasting partnerships by combining The Avocado Show concept with franchisees’ knowledge, experience and the desire to develop their regions. Potential franchisees, who consider themselves the right fit for the brand, can discover more about the future of food franchising HERE and get in touch.


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