lanning new bathrooms or restrooms?  Alan Gear, MD of Perfect Bathroom Solutions, gives his top tips.

“Use a dedicated bathroom planner as they will be able to balance functionality with style, make the most of the space available without compromise and include those little extras that will create a truly memorable experience for guests.

“Many clients want to achieve a specific design before they think about workability, but both are important.  And these days, with consumers questioning more and more an operation’s hygiene regimes (front and back of house) before they make their reservations, operators need to incorporate practical aspects of a washroom such as wall hung toilets instead of floor mounted for ease of cleaning.  Also consider surfaces that will last the test of time like a composite resin-based material, which is available in numerous of colours; as nice as it looks, stone is porous and will need sealing and with tiling, grout will become grubby and is hard to keep clean.

“Choose quality fittings from suppliers such as Hansgrohe; they are at the forefront of design and their build quality is second to none.  They also have many energy-saving products can help protect the environment and reduce energy and water bills; Hansgrohe products fitted with EcoSmart technology require up to 60% less water than standard products!

“And on the subject of saving money, think about installing sensor taps for water-saving (as well as less contact points), and toilets with dual flush capabilities.”

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