Coca-Cola Signature Mixers launches the ‘Open Bar Project’, a unique platform to invite mixologists from across the globe to co-create the next batch of Signature Mixers drinks. Mixologists will be invited on a journey of flavour discovery to create a range of exciting new flavours to complement the existing four Coca-Cola Signature Mixers range and put their signature on a bottle.

The launch of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers in 2019 marked a global-first for the brand. Taking cues from its 134-year history as the authentic original mixer, Coca-Cola challenged the world’s leading mixologists to take the unique flavours of Coca-Cola and push their creative boundaries. The result? Four truly distinctive mixers for the discerning palate, all delivering new taste experiences with the familiar taste of Coca-Cola: 01 Smoky Notes by Max Venning, 02 Spicy Notes by Adriana Chía and Pippa Guy, 03 Herbal Notes by Antonio Narañjo and 04 Woody Notes by Alex Lawrence.

Thanks to the successful launch of the original four, this year, Coca-Cola will once again challenge the world’s most innovative and imaginative mixologists to work together to produce the next batches of
Signature Mixers.

In collaboration with the existing co-creators of the first four Coca-Cola Signature Mixers flavours,
Coca-Cola will recruit talent worldwide – recognised for their flavour innovation, trendsetting drinks recipes as well as rising stars in the industry. Joining them will be local hero mixology talent from across Western Europe, including France, Ireland and Belgium.

Signature Mixers Open Bars Launch Across Western Europe

Once the final recipes have been perfected, a number of pop-up ‘Signature Mixers Open Bars’ will launch in secret locations across Europe. These will be destinations to test the new batches, inviting a select audience including the bar trade, fellow mixologists and consumers inside the co-creation process.

‘Signature Mixers Open Bars’ will offer guests the chance to enjoy masterclasses with co-creators, blind taste tests and interactive workshops to ultimately discover more about the world of dark spirits mixology.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson explained: “After the successful launch of Signature Mixers last year, our ambition is to continuously innovate and create new and exciting taste experiences for discerning drinkers. The ‘Open Bar Project’ is all about recruiting the best mixologists to craft new flavours to complement the original four Coca-Cola Signature Mixers and ultimately, shine a light on dark spirits mixology, whilst opening up this process to a new audience.”