Make a better decision when buying bar stools

Looking to get some new bar stools, but not entirely sure what to get? With the mammoth selection of stools available it can get confusing. This guide will show you the key points to consider to make the right choice.

The best stools are both comfortable and good-looking, but whether they’re for your own kitchen or for lining a commercial bar, it’s essential to know what other details to look for. This knowledge boils down to key points: Usefulness and style. Essentially, where will they be and will they look good?

Check out the following features of most stools and judge whether they’d be a help or hindrance for your needs.

Adjustable Height – A solid gas-lift stool will be able to withstand heavy usage. However, if you’d rather people not fiddle with the stools and prefer things to be more uniform, it’s better to get a stationary stool that is the ideal height for your bar.

Swivel – This gives people the ability to turn around and move in their stools. Perfect for encouraging conversation in more intimate environments such as cocktail bars.

Back and footrest – These increase the comfort of the chair, as such people will tend to sit on them longer.

Aside from these features, you should also take into consideration how the stools will sit when not in use. Are they able to slide under the bar, or will they be in the way?

The placement of the stools matters too. If they are too close, guests will be uncomfortably rubbing shoulders, too far and they won’t be able to speak to one another without shouting. For this, the best practice is to keep stools roughly 15cm apart from each other.

Now, the fun part. Picking the stools that work best in your interior.

Your stools can add a splash of colour to a more monochromatic interior or be used to create contrast or to simply blend in with its surroundings.

The most popular bar stools today combine wood and metal, these hard-wearing industrial bar stools provide a rugged and solid look that’s sturdy, useful, and easy to wipe clean. Perfect for most bars and restaurants, hence their recent explosion in use.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is a growing trend of more laid-back and sophisticated mid-century style velvet upholstered stools. These work great in the home, cocktail lounges, and higher class venues. However, they’re easier to damage and harder to clean.

They key, however, is to match these stools with the surrounding decor. A velvet stool will not look right in a busy, modern bar and likewise, an iron stool will look out of place in a jazz lounge.

Overall, when picking your bar stool you first need to consider it’s practicality. Once you’ve assessed which stool would be the most suitable you can then choose what style or colour will look best.