3M launches ScaleGard Blend Series of water filtration solutions

3M has launched a new range of water filtration solutions for the catering and hospitality industries, offering more capabilities and user control than ever before.

Among a host of other benefits, the ScaleGard Blend Series of cartridges and filter heads from 3M – now available in the UK and Ireland – reduces the level of both chlorine and chloramines from the mains water supply, while also tackling limescale.

This helps to improve the taste of everything from beverages to steamed food, as well as reducing machine inefficiencies caused by scale, saving businesses money on costly repairs, replacements and service call-outs.

The versatile range consists of four filter cartridges, available in both buffered and unbuffered resin types, along with two types of filter head fittings – John Guest and BSPT. It has been developed to suit a wide variety of hot and cold water applications, catering for an array of businesses, from restaurants, coffee shops and vending to hotels, pubs and servicing companies.

The science-based technology company has developed the next generation carbon block technology inside every cartridge to reduce the level of not only chlorine, but also chloramines, from mains-fed water, unlike some alternative systems.

Both chemicals are used to sterilise water from the mains supply, but can leave it tasting and smelling unpleasant. This can affect everything the water is used to prepare, such as coffee, carbonated beverages, ice and steamed foods.

The ScaleGard Blend Series of cartridges and filter heads from 3M therefore helps to improve taste and odour, increasing customer satisfaction. It can also help business chains to achieve taste consistency across outlets, regardless of geographical differences in water quality.

Chlorine and chloramines can also perish rubber seals and O-rings inside commonly-used equipment such as coffee machines and ice-makers. By tackling the problem at its source, the ScaleGard Blend Series of cartridges and filter heads from 3M can help increase the longevity of these devices.

Each cartridge also contains high-capacity Ion Exchange Resin technology, which significantly reduces limescale formation by removing calcium and magnesium ions from the water.

This can help reduce inefficiencies caused by scale build-up within common equipment, saving businesses up to 29 per cent on their energy bills[1], as well as reducing downtime and the need for premature replacements.

Another benefit of the ScaleGard Blend Series of cartridges and filter heads from 3M is that its selection of heads includes a variable bypass, which allows users to control the level of water hardness minerals at the turn of a dial, in order to meet their specific requirements.

This gives operators complete taste control and optimises device efficiency based on the level of water hardness in their region.

For servicing companies, the ScaleGard Blend Series of filter heads from 3M also means fewer water filtration devices need to be stocked, as one cartridge can be adapted to suit a variety of water needs.

Furthermore, the ScaleGard Blend Series’ sanitary quick-change heads from 3M helps engineers to service equipment faster, allowing them to visit more locations each day whilst also reducing machine downtime and service interruption for the customer.

Users can choose whether to add an optional monitor device which attaches to the ScaleGard Blend Series of heads from 3M, indicating via a clear digital display and audio alert when the filter cartridge has reached capacity, and therefore needs changing.

This removes the need for guesswork, enabling businesses to use each cartridge for its full lifespan, without ever worrying that it may have already reached maximum capacity.

3M application engineer Oliver Rudman said: “The ScaleGard Blend Series from 3M offers first class water filtration technology to suit every need.

“3M’s experts have developed the range by drawing on the company’s many years of experience in developing innovative filtration solutions.

“Businesses can now rest assured that they will be able to deliver consistently great-tasting food and beverages to customers, no matter the quality of their local water supply – all while also cutting their own costs.”

For purchasing details, contact any local distributor.

For more information about the 3M ScaleGard Blend Series, visit www.3M.co.uk/ScaleGardBlend

[1] http://homewater101.com/hard-waters-impact-pipes-appliances