Sugar Free & Natural Karma Cola does exactly what it says on the label — it tastes good, it does good and it doesn’t have any sugar.

You want a cola that refreshes your thirst, tastes fantastic and isn’t full of sugar. A cola made with real ingredients by people, not chemicals.

This summer, Sugar Free Karma Cola will be on the menus of top restaurants and cool eating places in London that share Karma Cola’s passion for great tasting food and drink made from organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

And, with the backing of Jamie’s Italian and Barbecoa, customers will be able to order the natural sugar-free fizzy drink from the restaurants in the next few weeks.

Rather than tricking your taste buds by swapping sugar for chemicals to fake the flavour, Karma Cola’s recipe uses organic and ethical ingredients, just like everything else that goes into their original great tasting drinks, but without sugar.

‘We’ve taken our great tasting original Karma Cola recipe and used the natural sweetener stevia to take out the sugar. It’s the natural alternative to diet & zero colas made with artificial sweeteners & preservatives,’ says Simon Coley, co-founder of Karma Cola.

There are still a few calories from the roasted organic barley malt used to add depth of colour and flavour to Karma Cola, and from the organic lemon juice that’s there to sharpen the taste and citrusy top notes.

But, at only 0.1 grams of sugar or 5.3 calories per 100 ml and none of them coming from adding any sugar, there’s no reason not to call the new Sugar Free Karma Cola just that; sugar free.

Since launching in the U.K. in 2015, Karma Cola is selling over two million drinks a year, thanks to a ground swell of restaurants, chains, and cafes choosing a more ethical soft drink offering over the world’s most famous drink.

Listed in Waitrose, Ocado and over 2000 restaurants and cafes, recent wins include Ceviche, Corazon, Rolawala, Wahaca, the Serpentine Gallery and Restaurant Story. Last year food-to-go chain Pure and Mexican taco joint, El Pastor, chose the original Karma Cola as a replacement for the world’s most famous drink. One small step, as they say…

And, the more cola consumed the more money goes directly to the villagers who grow the cola nut via The Karma Cola Foundation. The Foundation funds the salaries of teachers, construction of rice mills, regeneration of cola nut plantations and helps local people start their own businesses in the bid to fight poverty through trade not aid. It’s cola with a conscience!

Sugar Free Karma Cola will be available in premium 330ml glass bottles from August and 250ml cans from September priced from £2.50 and £1.19 respectively.