Mezcal Amores – the taste of the Desert

Amores is Mexico’s favourite Mezcal and fast becoming the mezcal to be seen sipping on in London too, the trend is fast spreading from the beaches of Tulum to New York’s Mezcalerías and every hot spot in Ibiza this summer.

Quality and sustainability are the essence behind Mezcal Amores. The production process is 100% artisanal, natural and organic, it undergoes complete transparency from start to finish unlike most other spirits, creating a fair-trade and heartfelt end product of the highest quality – smooth and pure.

Amores use agaves that absorb solar energy for 6 to 30 years waiting for the perfect moment of maturity, when the energy reaches its peak, that is when they are are cut and made into Mezcal. That’s why we say that drinking Mezcal Amores awakens, it doesn’t gets you drunk.

Two strains of Amores are available on the UK market, Espadín and Cupreata agaves. The spirit is imported to the UK by Marussia Beverages.